Get Organized-Fast!

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get organized fast |  I'm on a mission - to get organized fast and I did this by dejunking my home. Get Organized–Fast by Dejunking Your Home with Felice Gerwitz

I’m on a mission – to get organized fast and I did this by dejunking my home. Is your home neat, everything in its place? Well, congrats–but if you are like most of us, we can always use some helpful tips. Join me as I discuss how I tackled this job and won! We discuss the four-box method and even my favorite but little-known method.

I’m sure I’ve wasted years looking for things! My kids can’t find their math books or I am missing my favorite pair of scissors. Sound familiar. My mother’s voice rings in my ears, “A place and everything in it’s place.” While that makes sense it is difficult to do–and we homeschooling moms just don’t have time. Right? Well, this has changed and now with my tried-and-true method, I finally have an organized house, one drawer, and one closet at a time.

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Show Notes: Get Organized Fast!

  1. Give yourself a time limit
  2. Ten minutes a day
  3. Tackle a section of a room each day
  4. Tackle a bigger job over the weekend

The best idea is to take everything out of the room–if you can, this is the best way to get organized fast. Only put in the things you must have and categorize everything else to store or give away. See the four box method below.

Four Box Method to get organized fast:

  1. Keep the items you need or have space to store.
  2. Sell or donate the items that you do not need. Use sites such as eBay, Amazon or Craig’s List to sell.
  3. Trash: Papers–if they contain sensitive information it is best to shred them or throw them away.  Throw away broken items or things that are too worn to give away.
  4. Store the things you do not need immediately. Only if you know you will use these things again but not immediately.

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