How to Care for Aging Parents

Finish Well Radio Show, Podcast #086, How to Care for Aging Parents with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio NetworkHow to Care for Aging Parents

In “How to Care for Aging Parents,” episode #086, Meredith Curtis encourages homeschooling parents whose parents are aging and needing their help and care. Sharing her own story, Meredith explains how to make wise choices, deal with the emotional turmoil, and make the most of a challenging time in your homeschool adventure. God has a plan! He also has enough grace to meet every need!





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Show Notes

The arm of the Lord to protect Mom

Long years of sickness/Arriving at Hospital to see Dad, Grandmother in ER

Vacation at Ron Jon

Caught Between Two Worlds

Older woman caring for parents vs. young mom homeschooling children

Needing Momma & Daddy

Our Experience

What are the majors? Bare bones homeschooling, Seven R’s

Read, math, write, then add rest

Teachable moments at hospital

Greatest lesson—honoring parents

Unable to do it on own, learning to rely on the Lord

Grace, Always need Him, but can be self-sufficient

Receive forgiveness

Example of God’s Protection: Windshield I-95


Youcan’t do everything

Find God’s Priorities

Stay Cheerful—Glad Game

Perfusely Thank Children

Receive Help

Have Folks Pray for You

Major on Majors/Minor on Minors



Seven R's of Homeschooling by Meredith CurtisLovely to BeholdJesus Fill My Heart and Home by Meredith CurtisA Wise Woman Builds by Meredith Curtis


How to Care for Aging Parents

Grandparents Who Homeschool – HIRL Episode 121

Free homeschool podcast about grandparents who homeschool.During a recent homeschooling convention where we were speaking, an older gentleman approached the Homeschooling in Real Life booth and asked what we might know about grandparents who homeschool. He was planning to help his daughter homeschool her children, and he was there to gather information.

The topic of grandparents who homeschool is an exciting one! The possibilities for how a grandparent might help out in the homeschool setting are endless, and the opportunities for discipleship are indeed beautiful. 

We’re joined by “vintage” homeschool mom Felice Gerwitz of the Vintage Homeschool Moms podcast as we discuss the ways in which grandparents can contribute to the education of their grandchildren. 

:50 – Fluff : MightyJoe, The Sierras, Anniversary Parties
5:57 – Intro to Grandparents Who Homeschool
13:19 – Interview with Felice Gerwitz, Part 1
28:39 – Interview with Felice Gerwitz, Part 2
37:14 – Goodbye, The Show Is Over


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MBFLP – Grandparents and Homeschooling

Many of us set out to homeschool our children like pioneers leaving for the vast, open frontier. Sometimes the parents who raised us are anxious about the decision–“What are you doing with my grandkids?”–and sometimes they want to help. And why not? Join us as we talk with Rich and Barb Heki, the founders of Grandparents of Homeschoolers, and Michael and Gayle Back, veteran homeschoolers and grandparents who are doing incredible things to stay connected in the lives of their adult children and their homeschooled grandchildren.