Helping Our Kids Have Resiliency with Lisa Nehring

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Teaching Our Kids to Have Resiliency Helping Our Kids Have Resiliency

“We’re not just raising kids, we’re raising resilient adults. We’re raising spiritual beings.”

Join Lisa Nehring on the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show in celebration of our 10th Birthday Celebration!

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In a world where people easily crumble like delicate snowflakes and take offense at the drop of a hat, it’s high time we pondered this vital question: Are our children truly growing in resiliency?

Are they emerging as fearless warriors, fortified with unyielding character and an indomitable spirit? Let me tell you, this remarkable gift of resiliency will serve as their secret weapon in navigating an increasingly secular world.

So join me on this resilience adventure as we explore the importance of resilience and why it’s high time we raise a generation of tenacious individuals who can conquer any challenge that comes their way. Trust me, it’ll be one heck of a ride.

Get Intentional!

In her excellent book, appropriately titled, Grit, Angela Duckworth takes on the task of developing the idea of resilience in our children. She advocates for making resilience development a part of kids’ life skills curriculum.

I couldn’t agree more. Our kids need resilience. It’s what allows them to go out and compete, take risks, fail, and try again.

Key Ingredients for Developing Resilience

Practice– Practice is what lets us learn as we go. To practice and develop well, we must get assessments and feedback.
Purpose– Resilience is not always about pursuing those things that we might have a natural inclination toward. Students should consider pursuing something that they can develop an interest in over the long term.
Hope– This is tied to trying and failing. Failure is a huge part of developing resilience. We need to teach our kids that success does not come without failure. Winners keep pursuing goals despite setbacks.
Time– We need to set aside time to practice with deliberation, fail, and succeed.
Create Some Resilience Goals

Angela Duckworth has some practical recommendations for bestowing the remarkable gift of resilience to your children:

Choose something that requires deliberate daily practice.
Commit to doing this activity for 2 years.
Finish what you’ve started for a specified interval.

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