Lunch w/Meredith & Felice – Growing Up & Moving On!

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KidsMovingOnLet’s Talk About Keeping Your Kids Christian!

Lunch with Meredith and Felice

Let’s Talk Kids Growing UP and Moving On

Meredith and Felice have homeschooled in the double-digits in terms of years – and they have the experience to share what works and what does not!

We love to know about curriculum, and organization and family conflict resolutions – and of course we talk about marriage as well…but what happens when your kids grow up and move out? How do you transitition as a family and individually in your relationships? Here to share with you are two vintage moms – one who has had a daughter graduate, get married and now has a family of her own (Felice) and one who will have her first Wedding!! in a few weeks (Meredith) with her daughter getting married.

Handout Here: KidsMovingON


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