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Best Marriage Tips Ever | After 40+ years of marriage I have some of the best marriage tips ever and these really work. | #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #marraigetips #marriage #happymarriage @godlymarriageLet’s Talk About Marriage – Best Marriage Tips!  

with your host Felice Gerwitz

After 40+ years of marriage, I have some of the best marriage tips ever and these really work.

You are probably thinking… oh great! Another know-it-all podcaster trying to tell you how to make your marriage work! Well, I have 35 years under my belt – I’m no expert, but I’m a hard-headed, first-generation Italian, New Yorker, married to a German-Irish-American! It has taken years of give-and-take to make our marriage great. And, I wanted to ask some others who have been married for years to chime in with their tips! This podcast contains advice from:

Carol Topp: Dollars & Sense Radio ; Hal & Melanie Young: Making Biblical Family Life Practical; Meredith Curtis: Finish Well Radio ; Andy & Kendra Fletcher: HomeschoolingIRL 

Show Notes:

Scriptures to Study in Regard to Marriage:

  • Genesis 2:22-24
  • Proverbs: Some I love!! Proverbs: 5:18-19 ; 20:6-7; 30:18-19; 31:10
  • Matthew: 19:4-6
  • 1-Corinthians: 7:1-6
  • Mark: 10:6-9
  • Ephesians: 5:22-33
  • Links: 

Test – Learn Your Love Language

Recommended Books:
The Bible!

Look for Books on “Love Language” at the library or your favorite book store.

Advice and Tips:

Jeff Gerwitz: Keep Communication and Smooch Them Often!

Felice Gerwitz: Don’t go to bed angry: A. You both agree to solve your issues before bed — B. Understand the resolution will be a compromise for Both of You! and If you love giving gifts – A. Don’t expect anything in return and B. Accept gifts graciously

Carol Topp: One key to marriage success is to set aside time each day to catch up, even if it’s just 10 minutes. A co-worker gave me this advice over 20 years ago and he was right! My show BTW my husband and I had our 30th Anniversary this year.

Hal Young: When God created marriage, the very first reason the Bible gives is companionship – “It is not good that the man should be alone,” God said (Genesis 2:18). We should make it our goal to make our mate our best friend as well as our spouse. That takes time and commitment, but don’t we know how to keep up a friendship? Why not use the same relationship skills in our marriage? Their show, Making Biblical Family Life Practical and you can find it on this network  – here is an easy way to find them –( and they wrote a wonderful book on marriage “My Beloved and My Friend: How To Be Married to Your Best Friend Without Changing Spouses.” (

Meredith Ludwig Curtis: Another Mom with a large family, who has a show on this network specifically for teens and that is Finish Well Radio – – she is married to a Pastor and says, “A key to marriage success: Put Jesus first! Serve Him together! Love Him together! Raise godly children together! Change the world together!”

Andy Fletcher: We were given two pieces of advice. The first was very simple: Outserve one another. If you make it your goal to out serve your spouse, you will be in the right mindset. The second piece of advice was just silly: … you’ll have to listen to their podcast to find out! Catch their show on homeschooling and marriage,  What Homeschooling Does to Marriage

Love, Honor, and Virtue – HIRL Episode 140

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Free homeschool podcast about talking to your boys about sex and purity.Two of our favorite guests, Hal and Melanie Young, join us on this episode of Homeschooling in Real Life for a candid discussion about technology, temptation, addiction, and culture. We talk about the false sense of security that homeschooling can give us and how we can equip our kids to make choices that set them up for healthy sexual relationships.

As always, Hal and Melanie are engaging and intelligent, and we appreciate their honesty as we discuss a Biblical and God-honoring approach to love, honor, and virtue.


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Raising Real Men on Making Biblical Family Life Practical

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Do you have boys? If so, you are not alone!

We have boys, too! Six of them, counting the ones that have grown up …and we’ve felt like pulling our hair out somedays, too.

MBFLP Raising Real Men

Is there a way to teach those stinky (well, if they’re teens), sassy (sometimes), and bickering (it happens here, too!) sons to become godly men? Can you get your boys to help out with the laundry? Is it possible to raise them to be bold adventurous men, without them break their legs jumping off the garage?

The answer is yes!

Join us for the Raising Real Men episode of Making Biblical Family Life Practical, where we’ll be discussing what’s going on in the culture of manhood today (it’s pretty scary) and how you can raise godly sons despite that culture. We’ll be talking about education, risk-taking, purity, and motivation as we bring those boys up to be  strong, stand alone, responsible Christian men.

Hal and Melanie SugarLoaf WebTrimmed

Yours in the battle,

Hal & Melanie

Hal & Melanie Young are the authors of the Christian Small Publishers Book  of the Year, Raising Real Men: Surviving, Teaching, and Appreciating Boys and the newly released My Beloved and My Friend: How To Be Married To Your Best Friend Without Changing Spouses. They are popular conference speakers internationally.


Marriage & Valentine’s Day

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BelovedMyFriends_ReviewValentine’s Day is often associated with love, but not necessarily marital love. At least not in the commercial sense. Each year I try to read a book that will strengthen my marriage, but I have been lax the last few years. I rarely can finish the ones I begin. Their advice seems silly, or even worse condescending or unattainable.

After being married for thirty-four years you wouldn’t think I’d be interested in reading a book on marriage. I mean if I add the number of years I’ve been married + the fact that I’m happily married, that should equal expert status, right? Um, wrong.

I was definitely intrigued because of the authors, Hal and Melanie Young. I’m a big “Young” fan and have enjoyed their book on raising sons, since I have three. And, I love their seminars on the Ultimate Homeschool Expo and on this website, with their own podcast, Making Biblical Family Life Practical.

Besides that the Young’s are my friends.  I remember attending a conference in Missouri in September 2011. I was freezing, as I sat outside talking to Hal and Melanie. Melanie and I were sitting on a wooden bench with a stuffed Frosty the Snowman on one end. Hal stood there with a little one in the stroller.  Being from North Carolina the weather felt great to them, being from Florida I was happy with Frosty on one end and Melanie on the other. During this impromptu chat session outdoors in the evening air, we discussed many things. And, in the course of our conversations which often happen with Christian friends I asked how I could pray for them. They shared they were writing a book on marriage. Marriage! I was so excited and agreed to pray for them. I couldn’t wait. From time to time I’d ask how the book was coming along, and it was one thing after another that delayed the manuscript.

But, God is victorious and true to His word! The book is now out, just in time for Valentine’s Day and what a wonderful work it is, a legacy on what Christian marriage ought to be. Not in the esoteric and theoretical sense, either. This book is practical. That is so typical of the Youngs! It is a roll-up-your-sleeves, deal with financial issues, cancer and day-to-day happenings that can only happen in a life lived to the fullest.

It is a behind the scenes look at a couple who isn’t perfect but who is perfected in Christ. I believe this book should be read by anyone wanting to deepen their marriage. It goes without saying that every newly engaged couple should get a copy of this book. It surely would have made my early years of marriage much easier!

There were so many things I could relate to in the book. My mother also predicted that my “friend” would someday become my husband. And, I like Melanie responded that I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. Good marriage is based upon a good friendship and I can’t wait to see all the powerful testimonies that come from those who read this book. The Young’s have blessed my life, just knowing them, and now more so with the writing of this book. I know you will find a nugget to take away, or begin taking notes like I did – we are never too old to learn ways to make our marriages better.

What way have you made your marriage better? For me it is learning to spend time with my husband. I’d rather bake him a batch of cookies to show my love and he’d rather spend time with me. Comprise is the thing marriage is made of, and I’ve learned the hard way that it is so worth it!

Share your marriage tips with me! And – one winner will receive a wonderful prize from the Youngs! Win a copy of the book (digital) and the audio! (One for you to read and one to give your husband, or vice-versa!) A $40 Value!

[I received a digital review copy – but I plan on purchasing several copies of this book to give as gifts, hope you will join me in sharing what Christian marriage is really about!]

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