Ultimate Extravagant USA Road Trip V: Pacific States & Territories

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #162, Ultimate Extravagant USA Road Trip V: Pacific States & Territories, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Ultimate Extravagant USA Road Trip V: Pacific States & Territories

In “Ultimate Extravagant USA Road Trip V: Pacific States & Territories,” Episode, #166, Meredith Curtis becomes your tour guide a final trip through the USA—this time it’s a cruise starting in Alaska and making our way down the west coast and out to Hawaii. From the island state, we’ll make our way to our five territories. You will see some breathtaking views, enjoy delicious seafood, and venture into the Ring of Fire. Grab  your navigation chart, pack your suitcase, and don’t forget your swimsuit and life jacket—there’s lot of miles sailing over the ocean! This is the fifth in our series of USA road trips—traveling is a great way to learn geography the fun way!



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Show Notes

Hi! Today, I’m your tour guide. Ready for a whirlwind trip through the Pacific states and our 5 inhabited territoreis?

Pacific Ocean, extremes, Ring of Fire, seafood.


Largest state, Mt. Denali, mountains, glaciers, moose, caribou, bears, bison, reindeer

Peninsula, Denali, fauna (animals), tundra, national parks & preserves, ports


Mount Saint Helens, Olympic National Park, Mount Olympus

Volcano eruption, “geological layers,” rainforest, waterfalls, mountains


Crater Lake, Crater lake National Park

Extinct volcano, alpine lakes


Redwood National Forest, Sequoia National Park, Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree, Death Valley

Agriculture, volcanoes, islands, mountain ranges, deserts, valleys, fertile farmland, earthquakes


Missionaries, Coral Church

Archipelago, volcanoes, multicultural population, missionaries

American Samoa

Fiafia, Christian influence

Archipelago, natural harbor, coral reefs, volcanoes, mountains, rainforests, tropical flowers, tropical fruits

Northern Mariana Islands

Tinian, Diving for WWII weapons or artifacts

Mariana Trench, World War II, shipwrecks, diving


Pacific War Musuem, Capital Hagnatna

World War II, history of island, division between Guam and Northern Mariana Islands

US Virgin Islands

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge, Estate Whim Plantation, coral reef diving

Archipelago, Danish culture, archipelago, sugar mill, sugar plantation, coral reef, SCUBA diving, snorkeling

Puerto Rico

Fort Fortaleza, Castillo San felipe del Morro, Palacio de Santa Catalina

Tropical archipelago, mountains, hurricanes,

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US Geography Resources

Jr High US Geography

True North Homeschool Academy US Geography Class


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Homeschooling In Hawaii – HIRL Episode 118

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Free podcast about homeschooling in Hawaii.What would it look like to homeschool under the palm trees and island breezes of Hawaii? Attention HIRLers! We have arrived at the center of Fletch’s dream.

Actually, this is not a dream. We do love Hawaii, but this time we have a studio discussion with Dave and Amy Jordan who homeschool their 7 kids on the island of Maui. What is unique about island life? How do you get school done and build relationships when so many people come and go from a vacation destination?

Join us this week as we continue our series of “Homeschooling in…” as we travel to the tropics for a great discussion of Homeschooling in Hawaii.


1:16 – Fluff : Delivery Rooms and Wedding Receptions
8:05 – Homeschooling in Hawaii
28:23 – Letters from Readers, Goodbye


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