College Admissions and the Helicopter Parent – HIRL Episode 105

Free homeschool podcast about college admissionsHave you ever heard that sound? The rhythmic whirring of blades as they chop through the air? That is the sound of a helicopter parent hovering over their homeschooled child getting ready for college. That’s right, we are back at it again with an interview and discussion about college admissions and the need to keep your hands off as your teach your high school graduate to make life choices.

Join us as we spend time in the studio with Aimee Stauf. Aimee is a homeschool graduate, and then she worked as a resident advisor before graduating and now working Patrick Henry College as an admissions counselor. This very knowledgeable guest offers all of us great advice as we prepare our homeschool graduates for their college education. Join us and jump out of your helicopters! You are in for a great episode.

:50 Fluff – Graduations, Baseball,  1970’s Summer, Big Announcement
8:15 College Admissions – Aimee Stauf, Patrick Henry College
27:25 The show is over. Goodbye!


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