Special Replay: Transcripts Your Key To Free College

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Are transcripts your key to free college | Your transcript can become your key to free college with some very important information from this podcast.  #homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #highschooltranscriptsTranscripts Your Key To Free College, with author, and speaker Jean Burke

Are transcripts your key to free college? In this podcast, Jean tackles the difficult topic of transcripts and getting them right the first time. Your transcript can become your key to free college with some very important information from this podcast. You don’t need fancy transcripts or expensive services to produce a wonderful copy of your high school record. In this episode, Jean drills down and explains what must be on the transcript as well a the difference between weighted and unweighted grades. Once again you will be taking notes and sharing this episode with a friend!

With a great transcript, it is your key to free college!

Remember to keep your questions coming! Visit Jean on her website to find the FAQ or learn more about test prep.

Show Notes:

  1. What is a transcript? You definitely need one for admission to college.
  2. What goes on a transcript? All of your subjects, your grades and the number of credits per subject.
  3. How necessary is a fancy transcript or transcript service? No, but it needs to be correct. If you need help use a reliable source.
  4. What is a weighted and unweighted grade? Weighted is honors classes or college credits which are taken while in high school – it counts for one or a half point more than regular credits. Unweighted is high school credits as is.
  5. Must you have a grading key on the transcript? Why is this important? Yes, a grading key is important. What consists of an “A” for one teacher is different from another teacher.
  6. Do you need your SAT or ACT scores on your transcript? You do not have to have your scores but it is good to include them if they are very good.
  7. Do classes count differently, such as dual enrollment or an AP class? Yes, they are weighted more.
  8. Including Community Service Hours – this is good for colleges that really hold weight for this type of thing.

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Transcripts your key to free college:

More show topics coming – such as Community Service Hours, and High School Notebooks.