Develop your Student’s Standout Factor

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Developing your student’s stand out factor can garner scholarship dollars and opportunities!Develop your Student’s Standout Factor

And garner scholarship dollars and opportunities!

What is a Stand-Out Factor?

A Stand out factor can be many different things but they are most likely to include:

  • Initiative –student initiated, led and directed
  • Passion – student has personal investment
  • Individuality –has to do specifically with the students core values
  • Strategy –student has strategized to achieve

I would also recommend that a Stand-Out Factor include:

  • Positive impact on others
  • Uniqueness
  • Broad Reach & Big Win

How can you tell if you have developed your stand-out factor?

It’s the difference between ordinary and extraordinary

How to develop your Develop your Child’s Standout Factor: 

  • Write, perform and publish a quality play,book, music or film
  • Develop art skills like throwingdrawing and painting, pottery, creating stained glass windows/ lamps, blacksmithing, etc and enter art contests
  • Hike a trail for a cause or a challenge
  • Raise money to travel abroad and serve on a mission
  • Breed and trademark a type of fruit or flower
  • Breed and sell a pet- iguana, dogs, miniature cows
  • Win money as a prize bowler, archer, skier, etc
  • Start a business, track your earnings and impact
  • Help run a state ornational political campaign, work as a legislative Paige,
  • Study and PerformShakespeare
  • Learn multiple languages, particularlyCritical Languages
  • Travel internationally; create guidebook or blog about travels, do international community service or charity work
  • Do hundreds of hours ofCommunity Service
  • Build a functioning web-site
  • Build something impressive- like a Robot, Drone or Plane, or replicate all of the Enterprises’ ships as models
  • Earn a license or Certification– pilot’s, drone, PADI
  • Learn tech- 3-D Printing, Robotics, Photoshop, Photography and it’s many digital uses!
  • Earn Awards such as the National Latin Exam, German National Exam,
  • Participate in and win National Competitions- Geography, History,Bible, Poetry
  • Participate in CAP or Jr ROTC
  • Turn your interest in performing into becoming a juggler or clown
  • Turn your interests into an opportunity to impart your knowledge to others and teach a skills you’ve learned in person, or online

Use What You Have to Develop your Student’s Standout Factor!

Outsource When Needed

High School is the perfect time to develop your students stand out factor, through clubs, projects and course work that helps them understand themselves and opportunities more robustly, such as our Orienteering course. 

Read the Blog Post!

Dr. David and Lisa Nehring talk about helpful communication skills!

If you need help identifying or knowing how to further develop your students stand out factor, we’d love to help! Check out our Academic Advising program and Parent Membership programs!

Hear Lisa speak in person at the Great Homeschool Conventions in SC, OH and TX! She’ll be talking about the Future Proof Your Kids Towards Success and Credits, Transcripts and Tests, Oh My!

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HSHSP Ep 76: Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

This week on HSHSP Ep 76: Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students!

HSHSP Ep 76 Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students. Insider tips for transcripts EVEN if your teen is not a transfer student

HSHSP Ep 76: Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students

This is an episode that you’ll enjoy EVEN if your teen isn’t a transfer student: LOTS of tips for transcripts and highschool planning.

However, if you are beginning to homeschool after your teen has been in traditional school for part of highschool, here are some great ideas for homeschool transcripts for transfer students (along with LOTS of planning tips).

Join Vicki, Marilyn and Dr. Barbara Varnell for a lively hand and helpful discussion. You’ll be glad you did!

  • Recording another school’s credits on the homeschool transcript
  • Discerning what material a transfer Math or English course covered
  • Figuring out which Social Studies are left to cover for graduation
  • Why bother to plug the holes in the Maths
  • How to plug the holes in Maths
  • What do STEM transfer students need to look for
  • Which Sciences need to be emphasized if you have a STEAM teen
  • When to lean on dual enrollment opportunities

Not only that, but Dr. Varnell shares some insider tips such as: getting a syllabus BEFORE you withdraw your teen from traditional school! And success tips for college, too!

Your newly homeschooling highschooler will have the best years yet. You CAN do this!

(And our editor, Seth, gave us another blooper reel this time.)

Dr. Barb Varnell Homeschooling Gifted HighschoolersHSHSP Ep 35: Homeschooling Intellectually Gifted Teens

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300 HSHSP Ep 64: Grammar- Gotta Have It!HSHSP Ep 64: Grammar: Gotta Have It!

Listen in on this useful episode!
 Attractive Transcripts- What to Include

Here’s what you need to include!

Contact Vicki at for coaching through the process of college search and application.

HSHSP Ep 76: Homeschool Transcripts for Transfer Students


HSHSP Ep 22: 5 Ways to Earn History Credit

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

HSHSP Ep 22: 5 5 Ways to Earn History CreditHSHSP Ep 22: 5 Ways to Earn History Credit

There are so many different kinds of homeschool highschoolers, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there’s more than one way to homeschool highschool history!

History can be interesting, inspiring, meaningful and challenging when you find the right-fit history for your teen.

Ready to try something new?

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for a fun discussion of the various ways to earn homeschool highschool history credit.

Sparkle up that transcript!



History Movies

World History Idea

Earning Social Studies Credits

Choosing an Extraordinary World History Curriculum

Favorite American History Books

5 Ways to Earn American History Credit

HSHSP Ep 18: How and Why to Show Rigor on the Homeschool Transcript

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

HSHSP Ep 18: How and Why to Show Rigor on the Homeschool Transcript

HSHSP Ep 18: How and Why to Show Rigor on Homeschool Transcript


Many homeschool highschoolers are college bound. How do they create a transcript that is college attractive?

One important feature of college-attractive transcripts is showing that your teens have done well with rigorous academics. Why just record “Language Arts” when you can let those college advisors know that your homeschool highschooler has done some AMAZING word?

How do you show academic rigor? There are some simple ways to make do that.

Join Vicki and Sabrina on this week’s Homeschool Highschool Podcast as they share the how’s and why’s of recording academic rigor on the homeschool transcript!