Help Your Child Become a Stronger Reader ~ Plus Limited Time Special Offer

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The biggest struggle I have had in our homeschool, has been teaching my children how to read. My oldest was an avid reader at an early age. My other 3 children struggled with reading. It took them much longer to be able to read on their own without my help.

Help Your Child Become a Stronger Reader plus a special offer from Reading Eggs! #readinghelp #homeschoolreading #readingeggs #homeschooldeals

I believe my oldest was able to read earlier because I had more free time to work with him. He is 6 years older than my next child. After my 2nd oldest was born they started coming around 2 years apart! At one point, I had one in middle school, one with dyslexia, another that needed weekly physical therapy and a baby. To top that all off, I began working from home shortly after having my fourth child.

It sure is hard to find that balance of being able to spend extra time with a struggling reader, when you have so many other things that you are juggling at once. This is where technology can come in quite handy and really be a blessing in your homeschool. I have to be honest, when I first started homeschooling I wasn’t a fan of putting a child in front of a screen, but sometimes you just have to do what you need to do! There is no judgement here. Sometimes we are in survival mode, and that’s okay, at least we are able to still be with our children everyday.  I am so thankful for the opportunities that are available to us now vs. when I started homeschooling 17 years ago.

I have a child that would get extremely frustrated sitting next to me being pushed to read words outloud that she struggled with. It was a daily fight and so exhausting. I would put this same child in front of a computer reading program, and she would excel! She really enjoys the games because it doesn’t feel like school, and it is exciting and engaging. I would have to set a timer to have her stop, because she would want to keep playing. She was actually learning to read and I didn’t have to do anything!

Help Your Child to Become a Stronger Reader:

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Your child can learn to read in just 15 minutes a day!

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Unexpected Homeschooling FREE Resources and Encouragement

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Unexpected homeschooling? Yes, many find themselves in this situation. What a time we are living in right now. My kids and I were just talking about how this moment will go down in our history books. I can see them telling their grandchildren stories about “social distancing,” and the “virus.” It almost doesn’t seem real at times and can be overwhelming and scary to all of us.

Unexpected Homeschooling | Unexpected homeschooling encouragement and free resources to help you as a homeschool family. | #homeschool #unexpectedhomeschooling #homeschoolresources #discountsforhomeschoolers

Unexpected Homeschooling:

Many families are facing financial difficulties. Other families are being moved to work at home, and everyone in America is homeschooling! Our schedules are out of sorts, extracurricular activities are postponed and we can’t even meet together for weekly worship. People are watching the news and the endless updates and sometimes it feels overwhelming. We understand and feel that everyone needs to be encouraged.

Our podcast hosts have been busy creating some amazing resources for those suddenly thrown into homeschooling. They are offering lots of freebies and coupon codes, as well as tons of encouragement, especially with homeschool conferences being canceled. Check out this great list from our Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network Show Hosts and please share it with your friends who have found themselves unexpectedly homeschooling.

Encouragement and FREE Resources from The Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network and Media Angels:

Media Angels Membership Website: two great discounts!

Felice Gerwitz has over 100+ resources on this membership website. Highlights are all of the Media Angels Publications in electronic format, including five books noted in Cathy Duffy’s 100 and 101 Top Homeschool Picks. Felice is the owner of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network and hosts Vintage Homeschool Moms – and created a podcast to remind us to “Be Not Afraid,” here.

The Creation Bundle with great audios and classes  for 50% off: CREATION50

And the Premium Membership Bundle with great Ultimate Homeschool Expo audios for 30% off
PREMIUM30 FOR 30% OFF OF Premium Bundle:

Making Biblical Family Life Practical:

Hosted by Hal and Melanie Young from Raising Real Men – when you sign up for their email list through this link:  Make Getting Stuck at Home a Good Thing – you will receive 5 great practical workshops to help during the time at home, 50% off downloadable character-building audiobooks and 30% off the CD version, plus $10 off the Craftsman Crate, a perfect way to keep teens busy!

The Homeschool Highschool Podcast:

Hosted by 7 Sisters Homeschool has lots of encouragement for you:

How to manage *Temporary Homeschooling* a high schooler.

Schools Closed? How to have fun while schooling at home.

43 Things to Do to Homeschool during the Pandemic

The Homeschool Sanity Show:

Hosted by Melanie Wilson our resident psychologist, has a timely podcast on the state we are in right now:

How to Trust God With the World

Melanie is also the author of  Grammar Galaxy, a complete elementary language arts curriculum that kids beg to do. It requires one text per family and one Mission Manual (workbook) per student. No teacher manual is required. She is offering 10% off now.

Homeopathy for Mommies:

Sue Meyer, ND, CCH  has free homeopathy printables in her VIP section to help keep families healthy. You can sign up for those free resources HERE.

The Family Renewal Podcast:

Israel and Brook Wayne are offering a free download of The History of the Homeschooling Movement.

More Media Angels Resources:

Media Angels is offering the How to Homeschool Blueprint . Each week you can join live for free with Felice and her friends who are experts in the homeschool community. Now is the time for you to ask your questions within the group. This is perfect to address your specific home and parenting needs. We will welcome everyone with open arms during our one-hour sessions each week (4 weeks) for a short teaching plus time to ask your questions. You will also receive the How to Homeschool Blueprint book when you register.

Homeschool Webinar | Ask Your Questions Online.


Finish Well Radio:

Meredith Curtis has an encouraging blog post for homeschooling:

Start Your Homeschool Adventure with Confidence and Joy

They also have a free cheat sheet for homeschoolers and free reading list for Middle School and High school on their website Powerline Productions.

Homeschooling With Technology

Hosted by Meryl van der Merwe from Funda Funda Academy. Right now they are offering:

All regularly priced teaching resources and web-based unit studies are 50% off with code COVID19 until life returns to normal.


Hosted by Felice and Northwest Rock and Fossil. They are offering 15% off all kits and books (excluding seconds) using code SPRING2020 at checkout.
They have also continued their sale on their Vimeo classes, up to 70% off HERE.


Soft Skills 101 – Life Skills For A Digital Age:

Lisa and Dr. David Nehring are the hosts from True North Homeschool Academy. They have an encouraging blog post for this time:

Coping During a Crisis

They are also offering a 4 day workshop on Life Skills: Finding Balance for only $19 (starts on Tuesday)- it’s part of their year long class on Life Skills, beginning in the fall.


More FREE Resources from our Network:

If you are wanting to be in the loop on our newest content, sign up for our ezine. Each week we send out links to the new podcasts and encouragement for homeschooling. You will also receive a FREE Character Trait Planner and Family Study each week. There will be a new character trait theme each month. You will enjoy these easy open and go studies that require no planning on your part! You can sign up for the email newsletter HERE.


FREE Summer Staycation Guide and Printables

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Summer is here and for many of us that means you are ready to start planning some type of summer vacation. A vacation is a great way to take a break from the long school year, to relax with your family without having to teach.

This month's FREE subscriber bonus is just what you need to plan an amazing memory filled staycation for your family with our FREE Summer Staycation Guide and Printables. #summerfunathome #staycation #staycationguide

Summer vacations can be costly though, and unless you have been financially planning for one for a very long time, they can be hard to do last minute. They are even harder to do when you have a large family and are a one income family on a budget. If you have been wanting to plan a vacation with your family, but are nervous of the cost, you should consider taking a staycation instead! This month’s FREE subscriber bonus is just what you need to plan a fun, memory filled staycation for your family with our FREE Summer Staycation Guide and Printables.

You don’t have to leave home or spend money on an expensive vacation for your family to have a good time together. Some of the best memories can be created in your own hometown, supporting local business, exploring the city you live in, and relaxing right in your back yard. Summertime is great for making memories with your family and this guide will help you with your planning. There are over 50 pages of planning helps, crafts, activities and projects to help you create some amazing memories with your family this summer.

Included in this month’s printable pack is:

  • 100’s of Staycation ideas
  • A Staycation planner
  • Printable staycation brainstorming idea list
  • Fun Activity Sheets
  • Summer Activities that kids will love
  • Backyard Events
  • Party Planning Printables and Ideas
  • Encouraging words of wisdom and advice and so much more!

We hope that this guide is helpful to planning a frugal staycation with your family and creating some wonderful memories this summer. Please let us know in the comments which ideas you liked the best, and what your favorite staycations are.

You can receive this printable pack and a new freebie bonus pack each month by clicking HERE to sign up now!

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The Truth Seekers Mystery Series Great for Summer Reading – Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak

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The Truth Seekers Mystery Series is the perfect summer read for your teens and tweens.  That’s right, summertime is almost here and it’s time to think about summer reading! Many families enjoy taking a summer break, but still want to get some reading and educational time in over the summer. Summer is a great time to cool off by the pool, or at the beach, with a good book. Our kids love reading whenever it’s too hot to play outside.

Truth Seekers Mystery Series | Excellent summer reading novels

About The Truth Seekers Mystery Series

We have been highlighting some wonderful summer reading books on the blog. The Truth Seekers Mystery Series is educational and exciting! The series is full of adventure with a Christian worldview. What’s so special about this series is that it was written by Felice Gerwitz and her daughter, Christina. Christina started writing the series when she was only 15 years old!

Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak is the second book in the series.

Homeschool Adventurers at Diamond Peak

If your kids like adventure novels, they will enjoy this book. A turn of events pushes the Murphy teens into the middle of a paleontological dig near the summit of Diamond Peak in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  This heart-stopping suspense story takes these teens mountain climbing, skydiving and uncovering the mysteries that surround this T-Rex dig site. They must avoid the danger around them while defending their faith. They find their knowledge of science is powerful against those who are challenging their faith with evolutionary beliefs.

You can purchase the Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak paperback HERE.

More Resources

This book is a great stand-alone leisure read, but the creation science topic will be further enhanced when you use the companion Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak Literature Study Guide. This study guide has everything you need to add even more educational value to this adventure novel. There are pre-reading research activities, literary devices, reading comprehension questions to help with accountability, critical thinking questions, a list of vocabulary words, fill-in-the-blank questions with an answer key and so much more! It will help lead your children through the novel so that they receive an amazing reading and learning experience!

This would be fun as a family read-aloud summer activity as well.

You can purchase the Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak Literature Study Guide HERE.

If you plan on taking a family vacation to the Rocky Mountains, the book and study guide would make a great addition to your trip!

These podcasts from The Creation Science Podcast will be great to listen to before reading the book:

Truth Seekers Mystery Series: Teach Creation with Novels – in this podcast, Felice interviews her co-author and daughter! Christina shares her homeschool experience and how the series evolved from an idea to three books in the series.

Teach Creation to Kids With a Novel – Felice and Christina discuss how to teach creation science to your kids using the novel and literature guide.

The Cover of Book 2 in the Truth Seekers Mystery Series

Homeschool Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss

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Homeschool podcasts you don't want to miss

Homeschool Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss

What is a podcast?

If you’re new to podcasts, it might help to begin with explaining what a podcast is!  “Simply put, a Podcast is a series of audio or video recordings, that you can subscribe to and listen to whenever you like.” – The Podcast Host.

This makes it easy to listen to your favorite individuals in areas that are important to you and your family, such as homeschooling and parenting.

On the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network you can listen to podcasts by streaming directly on the website for any of the show hosts. You can also subscribe to the shows via iTunes or Google Play and the new shows will automatically load to your subscribed shows. Easy peasy.

How will homeschool podcasts benefit my homeschool?

As a busy homeschooling family, you may wonder how adding one more thing to do to your day will benefit your homeschool. With the wide variety of homeschool podcasts to choose from there are so many ways you can reap the benefits!

  • encouragement- it’s not easy to get away to a homeschool conference. With the push of the “play” button you can listen to a pep-talk from your favorite speaker.
  • methods and homeschool philosophy-  you can listen to ways to homeschool.
  • homeschool helps- math, grammar, writing … there’s a podcast to help.

Homeschool Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all of the great homeschool podcasts, just a list of favorites according to listeners and a few of my own.

Do you have a favorite show post or podcast show on the Network? I’d love to hear which podcasts speak to you!


Don’t miss our giveaway! Check it out here. 

Walk this way giveaway




Lemonade from Lemons

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Felice no dateLemonade from Lemons Mommy Style

We’ve all done it – you know, made a bad situation better. We pull out our “Mommy Capes” and race head-long into trouble with a prayer that the Lord will help us figure it out, and quick!

The one incident that comes immediately to mind is the time we planned to go river rafting in North Florida, in early August. The national park was beautiful and we had enjoyed a wonderful weekend of camping. Other than my children getting in trouble for feeding the deer with my delicious fruit salad, the week-end had gone without a hitch. The weather was hot but beautiful under the shade trees and if you wonder – yes, we have air-conditioning in our “pop-up” trailer, a microwave and mini-frig.

This camping trip included my brother and his wife. She wasn’t the camping type but then, I assured her either was I! I knew she would enjoy it if she just gave it a try. Well, that was before the river-rafting trip.

We had just rented our large rafts from what we thought was a reputable place and two minutes down the road my brother’s raft was flat as a pancake atop his SUV. We called to alert him of the fact and we both pulled over to the shoulder. A quick trip back to the seller, with us following, yielded disappointing results. The vendor would not replace the raft nor refund our money. What to do! We had paid cash. The weather at that point looked ominous and the rain clouds were pouring in at an alarming rate. This park was 8 hours from where I lived so a trip back would not happen in the near future. The kids knew this.

I felt the Lord had protected us from being out on the river in a bad storm. I had peace.

My brother and sister-in-law, not so much.

They ranted at the sales person and it was so bad, my husband walked back to our car. I had stayed in the car with the kids and began to lead them in a prayer. For our disappointment, and for this unethical vendor!

We had already packed up our gear, and after the rafting trip we had planned to head home. It appeared our trip home would begin a bit earlier than we planned. I called my brother (whatever would we do without cell phones) and told him it was futile. This wasn’t the type of business you could report to a business bureau! My brother finally convinced his wife to let it go, and we were on the road again. The kids were disappointed, yes we could have continued without my brother but then it was not setting a good example. Family sticks together.

He who pursues righteousness and loyalty Finds life, righteousness and honor. Proverbs 21:21.

I asked my brother to meet us on a particular exit that I knew had soft-serve ice-cream and I alerted the children that a surprise was in store up-ahead. Ice-cream is not an equal substitute for river-rafting, but they saw the benefit. It was nothing as opposed to something! By this time my sister-in-law and brother had calmed down and they realized the storm was heading our way rapidly and we definitely would be drenched if we had ventured out into the river.

Big hugs from my kids and a thank-you made it all better – for me anyway.

This situation is something I’ve wanted to share with others, but the opportunity never came up until now! I’m speaking at the Mommy Jammies Night, with host, LaToya Edwards on February 11 at 9PM. The link will be posted here after the event. For now – visit the Mommy Jammies Night page for details.

How have your turned a bad situation into a good one? Share with us! We all need the encouragement.

Home For Learning

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I’ve just officially named my blog and while Learning at Home sounds better than Home for Learning you can’t be picky when choosing a domain name these days! The word “blog” had to go – and my on-again-off-again blogging schedule is going as well! It’s not that I didn’t write blog posts, I just never finished them.

Here’s my problem. I use too many words!

And, by the time I completed a blog post I found what I really had was a mini-e-book! Can any of you bloggers relate? Well, short and pithy really isn’t in my vocabulary but as I learn the art of blogging I’ve decided I’ll break up my blogs into posts rather than try to write everything I want to say in one blog post. So, be ready for a series of post on one topic! As always if there is a particular topic you want to learn about let me know. Homeschooling since the dinosaurs roamed the earth in 1986 has to count for something. [For you purists out there — no the dinosaurs did not roam the earth in 1986.]

Many of you have written to us in the blog post early on, when I asked the question about the type of radio show you’d like to hear. We are very close to fulfilling that list, with a few more holes to go. I enjoy podcasts that I can listen to on my phone and I find I learn so much. My children enjoy them as well and I’m happy that we are able to provide two podcastts that have information for teens and more to come. [Current Issues & the Constitution as well as Dollars & Sense]

I’m always learning about shortcuts to cleaning, cooking or even time management. What are you learning about, share it with us!