Friendships, Growth, Challenge, & Accountability


UHRNFantasticFourFriendships, Growth, Challenge, & Accountability

Friends, yes they are important no matter what your age. Felice Gerwitz shares her mastermind girlfriends in this episode! Maggie Hogan, Kim Kautzer, and Mary Jo Tate share a behind-the-scenes look at life, work, and homeschooling. Three years together in a mastermind group have taught them the value of friendship and accountability. They make a point of meeting annually to share the ups and downs of the past year: the good, the bad, and the ugly! Gain helpful tips on homeschooling through trials, running a home business, and keeping your sanity. Bring your questions — these ladies are ready to answer them!

Currently, these ladies are meeting at an undisclosed location on their 2018 Mastermind retreat. This replay is an enjoyable reminder of friends and friendships still sharing business, work and marketing tips with each other.

Handouts: Vintage-MaggieFeliceKimMaryJo

Felice Gerwitz is a homeschool mother of five and currently schools the youngest two. She is the founder of Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network and Media Angels Publishing.

Maggie Hogan, a veteran homeschool mom, is the creative director at Bright Ideas Press, which publishes award-winning homeschool geography, history, and science curriculum.

Kim Kautzer graduated the youngest of her three children in 2003. She is author and publisher at WriteShop, homeschool writing curriculum for K-high school.

Mary Jo Tate is a professional editor and author of the new book from Apologia Press, Flourish: Balance for Homeschool Moms. You can find her at FlourishatHome. She is a homeschooling mom of four boys, two of whom have graduated.

Teach pre-teens about money: Dollars and Sense Show # 9


In this episode of the Dollars and Sense Show host Carol Topp discusses teaching your pre-teens about managing money.

Show notes:

Recap: Our motivation to be teaching pre-teens about money:
Other people’s bad examples are all around us, including the US government.
Avoid excessive debt. College debt now exceeds credit card debt.
Someone is watching!
Avoid boomerang kids. We are raising adults, not children

How to Teach
Natural style. As you go about your day. Real life examples.
Get someone else: Sunday school, Scouts, Homeschool co-op
Focused teaching: Family nights, games, books

What to Teach: Pre-teens

  • Allowance. Not always in cash. Try a clothing allowance
  • Savings Account. Power of compound interest. Match their savings.
  • What things cost. Houses, cars, pets, clothes, etc. Explain sales tax.
  • What people earn. Occupations.
  • Start earning money. Extra chores around the house or for family and neighbors. Really motivated kids should read Micro Business for Teens


Boy Scouts and American Heritage Girls money badges
The Secret of Handling Money God’s Way from Ages 8-12. 12 lessons. individual or class
Money Matters for Teens Age 11-14 Edition by Larry Burkett (oldie but still available)

Career Exploration article Pursuing Their Dreams: Career Exploration for High School Students
Schoolhouse Teachers offers my Career Exploration 8 week class
Micro Business for Teens
Starting a Micro Business television program on YouTube

Kids can play popular online money management games such as Road Trip to Savings, Financial Football, Peter Pig’s Money counter, Money Metropolis, Financial Soccer, Record shop tycoon, Burger Restaurant

I’m not familiar with these games, so if you have an opinion for or against, please drop a note in the comments.

Tune in for the next Dollars and Sense show on February 13, 2014 when I will discuss teaching your teenager about managing money.

Carol Topp, CPA


Vintage HS Moms – Electives

ElectivesVintage Homeschool Moms Radio Show

with Felice Gerwitz

High school parents and teens are focused upon what credits are necessary for graduation, but what about the most important key to homeschooling through highschool? Learn ways Felice encouraged her teens to seek what the Lord has called them to do, try different apprenticeships as well as making Bible studies count! Felice will share her reluctance of encouraging sports in her teens, yet finding their giftedness in this area opened the doors in ways previously shut.

Felice Gerwitz is a Christian wife and mother. She is an author, speaker and podcast host as well as owner of Media Angels, Inc. and Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. She has learned that God’s still voice is best heard in silence.

Felice Gerwitz is the founder of Media Angels, Inc. here:



Mommy Jammies Night – Crystal Paine

Crystal_Paine MommyJammiesNightMommy Jammies Night with Crystal Paine – you may know her as the “Money Saving Mom” at her wildly popular website: — but did you know that Crystal struggled with balance and became overwhelmed. In this session Crystal shares a simple guide line that will impact your life with these encouraging words.

Mommy Jammies Night-Handout with Crystal Paine from Crystal

Money Saving Mom






Mommy Jammies Night – Carlie Kercheval


“The Challenge of Speaking Life-giving Words Over Your Family”

Carlie explains the impact of life-giving words from a Biblical perspective, with a plan for taking accountability as well as a plan for keeping our mouths in check! This is a wonderful episode and encouraging for families everywhere!

The Challenge of Speaking Life Giving Words Over Your Family

Mommy Jammies Night-CarlieKercheval&FeliceGerwitz

 Carlie Kercheval is a happily married stay-at-home homeschooling mom. She and her college sweetheart have been blessed with 3 precious children to raise while traveling the world as a military family. Carlie is the founder of So You Call Yourself a Homeschooler?™ and Managing Your Blessings. She is also the co-author of the Learning to Speak Life™ family Bible studies and co-host of the Learning to Speak Life™ Radio Show. When she is not busy enjoying her family and the great outdoors, you can typically find her cozied up somewhere under a blanket with a good book. You can connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Your New Year Gift to Jesus

New Years Gift to JesusI know, I know, the holidays are over.

For some there is a sigh of relief, and for others there is sadness. I’m somewhere in between. Happy to see the gift-wrapping, baking, and card-sending over, but not happy to see the end of the get-togethers, meals shared, smiles and gladness that simple pleasures bring.

It isn’t the present that’s important—it’s what is in the heart.

I began thinking about what I could give long before Christmas and some of my ideas were beyond my budget, but gifts from the heart are well within. Then at church I heard the perfect sermon that summed up my thoughts, based upon the Magi. The Bible speaks of men from the East who followed a star leading them to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. The Magi came bearing gifts. It was an epiphany—they realized this special child had been chosen for an amazing task. The Messiah!

Many years later I sit in my home and consider this Child and my gift to Him.

I asked my children to join in and jot down their “gifts.” What would they give to their Savior in the new year?

I was pretty impressed (yes, I know I’m a bit biased). Their lists included reading the Bible, attending church, listening to the Lord and His will for their life, and even some good deeds, such as being patient with each other.

Our pastor said we should give the Lord our sinfulness—only through His grace and sacrifice on the cross could we be purified. Wow.

And so I continue to think about what my gift should be in this NEW year. What would I give the chosen one, the Messiah, my Lord? What could I possibly have that He would want?

As I continue to pray and ponder, I invite you to do the same. What will you give the Lord? Have you considered this New Year in terms of business goals, household goals, or family goals? How about Spiritual goals?

I know what I’m giving my Savior—do you?

What is tax exemption and how do I get it for my homeschool group? Dollars and Sense Show #6

DollarsSenseShow6_320pxSq In this episode of the Dollars and Sense Show host Carol Topp discusses What is tax exemption and how do I get it for my homeschool group? In this episode, Carol discusses who is eligible for tax exemption (you might be surprised!), the benefits of tax exempt status and the disadvantages. Why you want tax exemption and how to get it.

 Show Notes: Your homeschool group may be a nonprofit and not know it! What makes your group a nonprofit?

  • Organized as a nonprofit: board run, bylaws, nonprofit incorporation or unincorporated association
  • Operate as a nonprofit: no profit motive, have a charitable purpose (education), serve a charitable class (children), no inurement (sharing of the group’s money with individuals)

Benefits of tax exempt status: no tax to pay on your surplus, can accept tax deductible donations, may be eligible for grants, some fundraisers like Box Tops are only open to tax exempt organizations Costs of tax exempt status: IRS application fee ($400 or $850), nonprofit incorporation in your state. Regular reporting to the IRS (Form 990) and your state. Different types of tax exempt status for homeschool organizations:

  • Support groups: 501(c)(7) social club
  • Homeschool co-ops: 501(c)(3) educational organization

On the show Carol mentioned several resources:

IRS and Your Homeschool Org cover

Need more information? Visit the Homeschool Leader Tools/Articles page and sign up for her e-newsletter for homeschool leaders:

Tune in for the next Dollars and Sense show on January 2, 2014 when Carol will start a four part series on teaching your kids about money.

Show Host Spotlight with Katie Hornor

UltimateHomeschoolRadioShowFelice Gerwitz interviews show host, of the Educando en el Hogar Show, Katie Hornor. Katie lives with her husband and family in Mexico and currently is a missionary. She is a author, publisher of a curriculum for Spanish speaking homeschoolers and hosts a twice a month show, in Spanish.

Join us for this interview when Felice asks Katie to share about life in Mexico with her family, how she was called to Missionary life as well as the amazing shows upcoming for those who homeschool and are Spanish speaking.

Felice Gerwitz is the founder of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network and hosts the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show to shine a spotlight on the amazing show hosts of this network.


MBFLP – Grandparents and Homeschooling

Many of us set out to homeschool our children like pioneers leaving for the vast, open frontier. Sometimes the parents who raised us are anxious about the decision–“What are you doing with my grandkids?”–and sometimes they want to help. And why not? Join us as we talk with Rich and Barb Heki, the founders of Grandparents of Homeschoolers, and Michael and Gayle Back, veteran homeschoolers and grandparents who are doing incredible things to stay connected in the lives of their adult children and their homeschooled grandchildren.


Show Host Spotlight – Pat Wesolowski

UltimateHomeschoolRadioShow_ButtonIn this episode the spotlight is on Pat Wesolowski, veteran homeschooler and curriculum creator and author.

Pat is the host of the bi-monthly show – “Better Together – Co-Ops” and she is a firm believer that co-ops are a wonderful addition to any homeschool.