Homeschool Deals for Last Minute Shopping

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I don’t know about you, but this summer just flew by. I can’t even believe that it is school time again. Just today I was telling a friend that school has started without us, because we just aren’t ready yet! I personally still have so much to organize and sort through and we still have things that we need to purchase. Do you still have some school shopping left to do? Don’t fret because we have some homeschool deals for you.

homeschool deals for last minute shopping text with photo of books.

Don’t worry if you still have some things to plan and work on for your homeschool. You sure aren’t the only one. That is the beauty of homeschooling, that we can start and end whenever we want. Even though school shopping is over for many families you don’t need to miss out on the back to school sales. We have got you covered with some great last minute homeschool deals for the whole family.

Homeschool Deals for Last Minute Shopping

Media Angels Membership Sale

Could you use encouragement for your homeschool journey? Are you searching for online learning designed to ground your family in a Christian Worldview?

Our affordable membership bundles do both and fit your budget and busy life! You will get so much more for your money when you purchase any one of our digital bundles on our website.
We have five different bundles to choose from:

  • eBook Bundle – including the Truth Seeker Mystery Novels
  • Creation Science Classes
  • Our Mega Bundle: All eBooks, and Classes
  • American History Video Class – 62 hours high school credit
  • American Government Video Class – 32 hours high school creditUse code SUMMER30 for 30% off through September 30th.

Truth Seekers Paperback Book Sale

We are having a huge sale on our paperback books! Our popular Truth Seeker Mystery books written by a homeschool teen are less than $2 each and perfect for pre teens and teens of all ages!

Can your kids defend the why? Let’s face it, Christian kids are leaving their faith in droves despite all of our best efforts. Until now! These novels teach truth, they teach justice and they TEACH children how to defend their beliefs. Now you can spark your child’s interest in Creation without even trying! Using a “novel” approach your children will race through hundreds of pages of heart-pounding mystery, suspense, and edge-of-your seat adventure!

These are selling out fast. No coupon needed. Grab them while supplies last!

Homeschool Print Book Sale

Are you missing homeschool conventions and bookstores? Digital resources are affordable and convenient. Yet, sometimes you just want to hold a physical book in your hands. I love seeing a full bookshelf of books we can touch and hold and look at over and over again.

We are having a huge print book sale. Every item is less than $10. Many of these are a Cathy Duffy Top Pick like our Creation Science Unit Study Guides to homeschool all ages at once. All our books are less than $10 each, with our popular Truth Seeker Novels only $1.50!

Grab these while supplies last. No coupon needed!

Character Counts: Character Planners for Kids

Do you need help with character study in your homeschool?

When you are home with your children all day, you sure start to notice things that need some improvement!

You may have seen our blog posts about our character planners that Felice creates for our subscribers. If you sign up for our email list you will receive a brand new planner with a new character trait every single month. If you are new or missed the previous months we now have all of them bundled together.

Our character planners are very popular because they are a character study and planner all in one! Everything is planned out for you and it is completely open and go! Your children will enjoy the interactive activities, games and challenges within the pages. There is something for everyone in the family from the young to the old, and mom and dad can participate as well.

All of our character planner bundles are on sale for 50% off through the end of September  No coupon needed. There are so many to choose from!


Homeschool Planner Bundle and Encouragement for Mom FREEBIE

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Our podcast network is celebrating 7 years of sharing hope, encouragement and tips with homeschooling families. Earlier this month, we told you that we would be celebrating with some freebies, giveaways and really awesome sales. Today, we will be sharing these gifts with you. These are time sensitive and you don’t want to miss out on them!

Homeschool Planner Bundle and Encouragement for Mom FREEBIE

If you have been an email subscriber with us, you may have seen the detailed planners that Felice creates each month. This year she has focused on character planning studies that are open and go with no planning on the part of the parent. We look forward to getting these in our emails each month and using them for our morning homeschool Bible time. If you don’t already subscribe to our ezine you can sign up HERE. We send a brand new freebie every single month. A lot of time and love is put into creating these for you.

Before the character planners, a brand new homeschool calendar would come out for each month. These were themed with special themes for the seasons, or holidays of that month. Once the month was up, they were not available any longer. Until now! We have brought back our popular homeschool calendars and goal setting sheets in one bundle as a special release for our birthday celebration.

Homeschool Calendars and Goal Setting Bundle Deal:

The Homeschool Calendars and Goal Setting Bundle is good for an entire year of homeschool planning and goal setting. These were created specifically for homeschool families! Enjoy 4-square planning themed for each month, monthly and weekly planners, tips, notes of encouragement and more. Each planner also comes with printable posters and scriptures with pretty borders to match the season. There are even activity sheets for your children to work on while you work on planning out your month. I especially love the meal planning and printable lists for holiday meals, and celebrations.

There are 12 planners for each month in the year. Some of these planners have at least 50 pages of activities and resources, and a few of them are almost 100 pages long. This is a great value! 12 planners have a retail value of $24.00.

You can grab them HERE for only $7.00 to celebrate our 7 years on the air! Hurry! They will go back to full price in November.

Homeschool Moms Album FREEBIE:

FREE Homeschool Moms Album for homeschooling moms. The Songs of Prayers for Homeschool Moms has music and printable lyrics to refresh and encourage you. These are very soothing and uplifting. They are great to download to the device that you listen to your podcasts on, or to your computer when you need an encouraging moment in your busy day.

Use coupon code momsalbum to get it for free.

Expires 10/31/20.

$200 Birthday Celebration Giveaway:

We have partnered with our homeschool podcast hosts to giveaway over $200 in gift cards! There are two prizes in this giveaway. One winner will receive their choice of a $200 gift card to Christian Book Distributors or Rainbow Resources. Another winner will receive a $100 gift certificate for any of our Media Angels products, ebooks or memberships.

This giveaway ends on 10/31/20/

You can Enter the Giveaway HERE.



Savings and Encouragement for the New School Year

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Homeschooling is an amazing thing that you can do for your children and your family, but it’s not always easy. It comes with a lot of sacrifice. It can be expensive, and it may seem very overwhelming, especially during the planning season. Today I want to share with you some amazing deals Felice has put together to help you save money and get lots of encouragement for the new school year.

The Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network  is a place for you, the homeschool mom, dad to enjoy quality productions in audio format. We bring you the best Christian, homeschool speakers who will inform, inspire and encourage listeners around the world with their podcasts. Our podcasts are completely free to listen to and will help you to be refreshed, refilled and equipped with encouragement today!

We also create curriculum, unit studies, and lots of video and audio resources to help you on your journey from our publishing company Media Angels. We are running some amazing specials through the middle of September.

You don’t want to miss these amazing deals:

The Homeschool Blue Print

Are you new to homeschooling and/or interested in the most important aspects of homeschooling? You will find personal homeschool coaching classes, videos, interviews with experts and veterans. We also cover special homeschool topics such as Using Tech in Your Homeschool, Having Time For Everything, Teaching With Living Books, How I Survived Homeschooling and more! This would be a great gift to a friend who is brand new to homeschooling, or for some extra encouragement for yourself.

  • Retail Value: $50.00
  • Special Sale Price: $20
  • Use Special Promo Code BLUE50 for 50% off, which makes it only $10!


Media Angels Ebook Bundle

If you enjoy digital resources that you can use over and over again with all your children you will love our ebook bundle from Media Angels. This is a Cathy Duffy Top 100 & 101 Top Curriculum Picks! Media Angel’s e-Book Bundle includes the full Science Unit Studies, Activity Packs including hands-on experiments, Teaching Science, Field Trips, Secret Code Time, A Few Minutes with God and features three novels – our popular Truth Seekers Mystery series which include The Missing Link, Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak, and Keys to the Past Unlocked. Three literature guides also accompany the novels. Digital Download.

  • Retail value: $100
  • Special Sale Price: $29.00

31 Days to Podcasting: Podcast Blueprint 

Podcasting is currently all the rage! Have you considered starting your own family podcast or perhaps your children want a podcast of their own. Here you will find the insider’s guide to what makes a good podcast, how to set up each episode and how to conduct interviews or be on another podcast as a guest. Also contains must know information on how to make money podcasting. You will also receive access to our private facebook group for encouragement and helps.

  • Retail Value: $50.00
  • Special Sale Price: $40.00
  • Use Special Promo Code: POD50 for a 50% discount making this course only $20!

Truth Seeker Mystery Series

Have you heard about our Truth Seeker Mystery Series written by a homeschool teen?
These novels teach truth, they teach justice and they TEACH children how to defend their beliefs. Now you can spark your child’s interest in Creation without even trying! Using a “novel” approach your children will race through hundreds of pages of heart-pounding mystery, suspense, and edge-of-your seat adventure! Includes the three novels and accompanying Literature Guides: Digital Download.

  • Retail Value: $50
  • Special Sale Price: $30.00
  •  Use Special Promo Code: TRUTH50 for a 50% discount.

Character Counts Planners

Our Character Counts Planners are very popular as they are an easy, open and go character study that is perfect for all ages with activities for the entire family. A new one is available each month as a subscriber only freebie. Since we have gotten lots of requests for our character studies, we have bundled our past studies together for 6 months of Character Study and character training tools!

We offer them in 3 and 6 packs:

The 6 pack includes:

Patience, Justice/Honor, Thriftiness, Awareness, Decisiveness, and Forgiveness ~ $30.00
Use coupon code CHARACTER30 to take 30% off the set!

The 3 packs include:

Character Counts: Awareness, Decisiveness, and Forgiveness OR Character Counts ~ Patience, Justice/Honor, Thriftiness

  • Retail value $15.00
  • Take 25% off each set of 3 with coupon CHARACTER25


We are giving away a FREE Ultimate Homeschool Planning Guide when you sign up for our weekly ezine.
This planner is almost 100 pages full of encouragement and printables to plan and organize your family, and your entire homeschool year! There are planning sheets, time saving tips, household forms, chore charts, meal plans, grocery lists, homemaking, homeschooling forms and more!

Sign up HERE and you will receive an email with a special password to access the Ultimate Homeschool Planning Guide PLUS this month’s Free Character Planner.

We pray you have a wonderful new homeschool year!



Should I Attend a Homeschool Convention?

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ShouldIAttendAHomeschoolConferenceNo, not unless you can answer these questions.

1. I like teaching using _______________ method. (Textbook/ Workbook; Living Books; Unit Studies; Classical; Charlotte Mason, Unschooling; etc.)

2. My goals for my family are as follows ____________________. (Character; Academic; Spiritual; Work; etc.)

3. I know the subjects I will teach next year for each child. List these by child, or if you are teaching with a unit studies approach – topics.

4. I am interested in listening to ___________________ (list speaker’s or topics from the convention schedule usually on the convention website).

More questions to ask are:

Are you looking into homeschooling for the future?

Are you a first time homeschooler?

Are you going to look at three specific math books to decide which one will work the best for your family?

Are you going for encouragement?

My answers would be –Yes. Maybe. Yes. Yes.

A great reason for attending to a convention is for to see the curriculum. It is an amazing place of like-minded people who love their kids, and who consider homeschooling a viable option. And, the homeschool author and vendors are excited about the prospect of helping you! If you are attending to gather ideas or are uncertain about whether or not a specific curriculum will work for your family, then it can become overwhelming because the choices are mind boggling.

If you are a new homeschooler my best recommendation is to begin with a very small local homeschool fair. Look for a homeschool conference that has a few speakers, some curriculum providers, workshops and someone who can take the time to talk to you about your needs at length. I speak at a conference – Finish Well – in Orlando Florida each year. It is just the right size for someone seeking homeschool help and information. There are even sessions just for the moms that have a panel of speaker there to answer your questions.

We all need to make our own decisions, however we should never fear someone suggesting a better or easier way to homeschool our kids. In addition, whether we realize it or not we are swayed in our decision making every day. This is why it is important to fine tune our goals and objectives and know exactly what we want our homeschool to look like. 

Conventions take quite a bit of money to attend and I know many who use the money it would take to go to a convention and instead purchase curriculum. Another family used their “convention money” and turned it into a mini-vacation, staying at the convention center at a greatly reduced rate once it ended to enjoy a few days of R & R. Whatever you decide make the most of this time.

Don’t attend the larger convention if you have not done your research, are not decisive, are not planning to purchase anything or easily overwhelmed by many choices.

Do attend if you have done your research, are ready to purchase, or are interested in learning how to deal with a difficult child, a child with a specific learning challenge, or gifted child.

I attended conferences for many years and while I host an online expo with hundreds of audios there is nothing like actually seeing the curriculum, talking to the vendors or authors and sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with people that understand.

Here’s to homeschool conferences – please let me know your experiences and enjoy your time!