How to Graduate Your Homeschooler

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How to Graduate Your Homeschooler

In this show, True North Homeschool Academy Director, Lisa Nehring talks about the pragmatics of How to Graduate Your Homeschooler!

We’ll cover:

  1. Who creates the Transcript
  2. Who issues the Diploma
  3. What is required to Graduate
  4. How to make graduation official
  5. Who oversees it all
  6. Are homeschoolers required to take the GED?


    1. First things first  make sure you have legalities in order.
    2. Determine What Type of Transcript will you create – Vocational, College Prep or Honors
  • Where’s Your Student Headed- think through post High School Options

Ending Well  Once your students have completed the necessary ….they are ready to graduate!

Let’s Get Graduated! Listen in as we talk about the legal stuff:


  • Is it legal for your to create a High School Transcript?
  • Is it legal for you to create a High School Diploma?
  • Is the Homeschool Diploma considered an official document?
  • Are homeschoolers required to take the GED?


We’ll also cover what should be included in a Diploma?

And that’s a wrap, my friends! You’ve graduated your high school student as as homeschooler! And that’s something you can both be proud of!

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HSHSP Ep 124: Homeschool Graduate Becomes a Teacher, Interview with Rebekah Groop

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

This week on HSHSP Ep 124: Homeschool Graduate Becomes a Teacher, Interview with Rebekah Groop!

HSHSP Ep 124: Homeschool Graduate Becomes a Teacher, Interview with Rebekah Groop #CareerExploration #HomeschoolHighSchool

HSHSP Ep 124: Homeschool Graduate Becomes a Teacher, Interview with Rebekah Groop

Rebekah *Bekah* Groop is a homeschool graduate. She is also a second grade teacher in a public school. She is married and a mom to her first child. (She is also Sabrina’s daughter and is married to 7Sister Marilyn’s son, Casey!) In this episode, Sabrina interviews Bekah on homeschooling and teaching.

Rebekah Groop and family used by permission.

Rebekah Groop and family used by permission.

During homeschool high school Bekah liked:

Her homeschooling format (co-ops, group classes, activities)

  • Time with friends
  • Time to develop interests and talents
  • Developing independent learning skills
  • Developing important life skills
  • Learning how to own her goals and meet them: The right to *fly or fail*
  • Flexibility

Bekah homeschooled K-12 then went to Towson University for college. During high school, she switched major ideas several times: Veterinary Science (she loves animals), Music (she assisted the local homeschool high school choir and loved it). She learned leadership and teaching skills through her assistant role which led her to think about education.

Bekah went to Towson with a double major in elementary education and deaf education. She ended up teaching 2nd grade in the Baltimore County school systems.

What are some educational ideas she learned in college that she found she had a foundation for in high school?

  • Differentiation: What do kids need? (Bekah’s experience homeschooling helped her with that.)
  • Lesson Planning.
  • Hands on learning.

Her advice for homeschool moms:

  • Lesson Plans: Keep it quick. Lessons need to be in 3 minute chunks with a clear, simple idea.
  • Include hands on activities.
  • Make real-world connections.
  • Give teens a voice in their education.

How much should moms test or do evaluations? We can forget to enjoy if we test too much, but it is good to get a feel for what kids are learning. It is good to assess their progress. Bekah found that short *mini-assessments* frequently through a subject in a creative format are helpful. Some ideas for quick mini-assessments:

  • a few multiple-choice questions or a quick essay question
  • a discussion
  • a white-board activity
  • a quick project

Want Bekah’s suggestion for homeschool high schoolers who might be interested in teaching?

Early Childhood Education High School Elective

Click image to find out about this high school elective.

  • High school elective: Early Childhood Education
  • Teach them how to advocate for themselves
  • Teach them how to make their voice heard
  • Teach them to visit professors during office hours (if they go to college)

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HSHSP Ep 124: Homeschool Graduate Becomes a Teacher, Interview with Rebekah Groop