Savings and Encouragement for the New School Year

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Homeschooling is an amazing thing that you can do for your children and your family, but it’s not always easy. It comes with a lot of sacrifice. It can be expensive, and it may seem very overwhelming, especially during the planning season. Today I want to share with you some amazing deals Felice has put together to help you save money and get lots of encouragement for the new school year.

The Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network  is a place for you, the homeschool mom, dad to enjoy quality productions in audio format. We bring you the best Christian, homeschool speakers who will inform, inspire and encourage listeners around the world with their podcasts. Our podcasts are completely free to listen to and will help you to be refreshed, refilled and equipped with encouragement today!

We also create curriculum, unit studies, and lots of video and audio resources to help you on your journey from our publishing company Media Angels. We are running some amazing specials through the middle of September.

You don’t want to miss these amazing deals:

The Homeschool Blue Print

Are you new to homeschooling and/or interested in the most important aspects of homeschooling? You will find personal homeschool coaching classes, videos, interviews with experts and veterans. We also cover special homeschool topics such as Using Tech in Your Homeschool, Having Time For Everything, Teaching With Living Books, How I Survived Homeschooling and more! This would be a great gift to a friend who is brand new to homeschooling, or for some extra encouragement for yourself.

  • Retail Value: $50.00
  • Special Sale Price: $20
  • Use Special Promo Code BLUE50 for 50% off, which makes it only $10!


Media Angels Ebook Bundle

If you enjoy digital resources that you can use over and over again with all your children you will love our ebook bundle from Media Angels. This is a Cathy Duffy Top 100 & 101 Top Curriculum Picks! Media Angel’s e-Book Bundle includes the full Science Unit Studies, Activity Packs including hands-on experiments, Teaching Science, Field Trips, Secret Code Time, A Few Minutes with God and features three novels – our popular Truth Seekers Mystery series which include The Missing Link, Dinosaur Quest at Diamond Peak, and Keys to the Past Unlocked. Three literature guides also accompany the novels. Digital Download.

  • Retail value: $100
  • Special Sale Price: $29.00

31 Days to Podcasting: Podcast Blueprint 

Podcasting is currently all the rage! Have you considered starting your own family podcast or perhaps your children want a podcast of their own. Here you will find the insider’s guide to what makes a good podcast, how to set up each episode and how to conduct interviews or be on another podcast as a guest. Also contains must know information on how to make money podcasting. You will also receive access to our private facebook group for encouragement and helps.

  • Retail Value: $50.00
  • Special Sale Price: $40.00
  • Use Special Promo Code: POD50 for a 50% discount making this course only $20!

Truth Seeker Mystery Series

Have you heard about our Truth Seeker Mystery Series written by a homeschool teen?
These novels teach truth, they teach justice and they TEACH children how to defend their beliefs. Now you can spark your child’s interest in Creation without even trying! Using a “novel” approach your children will race through hundreds of pages of heart-pounding mystery, suspense, and edge-of-your seat adventure! Includes the three novels and accompanying Literature Guides: Digital Download.

  • Retail Value: $50
  • Special Sale Price: $30.00
  •  Use Special Promo Code: TRUTH50 for a 50% discount.

Character Counts Planners

Our Character Counts Planners are very popular as they are an easy, open and go character study that is perfect for all ages with activities for the entire family. A new one is available each month as a subscriber only freebie. Since we have gotten lots of requests for our character studies, we have bundled our past studies together for 6 months of Character Study and character training tools!

We offer them in 3 and 6 packs:

The 6 pack includes:

Patience, Justice/Honor, Thriftiness, Awareness, Decisiveness, and Forgiveness ~ $30.00
Use coupon code CHARACTER30 to take 30% off the set!

The 3 packs include:

Character Counts: Awareness, Decisiveness, and Forgiveness OR Character Counts ~ Patience, Justice/Honor, Thriftiness

  • Retail value $15.00
  • Take 25% off each set of 3 with coupon CHARACTER25


We are giving away a FREE Ultimate Homeschool Planning Guide when you sign up for our weekly ezine.
This planner is almost 100 pages full of encouragement and printables to plan and organize your family, and your entire homeschool year! There are planning sheets, time saving tips, household forms, chore charts, meal plans, grocery lists, homemaking, homeschooling forms and more!

Sign up HERE and you will receive an email with a special password to access the Ultimate Homeschool Planning Guide PLUS this month’s Free Character Planner.

We pray you have a wonderful new homeschool year!



Money Saving Mom

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Okay I admit it… I’m not good at coupon cutting, finding deals or saving money. In fact when asked by someone at a gathering to pick up the phone and order pizza for the group, I jokingly said, “Sure, if you want it to cost twice as much as you’d normally pay.” She thought I was kidding, but a quick phone call proved I was correct and the pizza she ordered for $7.99 delivered was going to cost me $20.00 plus tip.

I think I’m just missing the discount-saving gene.

But, then I don’t need to have the gene when you have someone like the “Money Saving Mom,” Crystal Paine. I knew Crystal when she was just beginning her blog and loved to hear her heart as she wanted to create a website for moms to save money. I applauded her efforts and was part of a larger yahoo group that she belonged to for self-published, Christian authors. I was always impressed with anyone who could find deals! And, find them she did.

What I love the best about her site is that I don’t need to know about the deals, they come to me and her articles are amazing. Most of the times deal sites can be overwhelming with things flashing and popping up at me so that I can’t make any sense about what I want, or let me rephrase that … what I really need. Not here. The site is well laid out and very easy to navigate. I can quickly locate what I need and be on my way.

Crystal_PaineBest of all, Crystal agreed to speak to all of you, not on money saving mom ideas but from the heart. Her Mommy Jammies Night session has a topic I’m sure we can all relate to at one time or another, “I’d Throw in the Towel If I Could Find a Clean One.” She’ll encourage us as moms! She knows first hand how a busy work-at-home mom, who also homeschools her children can, at times, be so overwhelmed! Yes, even her (and shhhh, even me!).

Restoring balance is what we all strive to attain but if we are honest some days it is just not going to happen! I wish we could all get together for a real life Mommy Jammies Night where we shared our hearts with one another. But, this is the next best thing. Please join us at Mommy Jammies Night and hear Crystal’s talk first-hand.  The session is on November 12, at 9PM EST on our Mommy Jammies Night page. If you miss it the archives will be available here –

Is there something that has worked incredibly well for you in striving to find balance, household chores, or dealing with your children? Please share your great tips with all of us! Or, if there is an area you struggle with, how can we pray for you? I do hope you join us for this and our many live events, and hope to meet you soon!



NSA, ACA & 4-Pinocchios

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

CurrentIssuesConstitutionToday’s session recapped many important events such as the NSA leak with fingers pointed at the US Government and spying on our allies, as well as one of our attendees sharing the Vatican was spied on! We discussed the Affordable Care Act and the fallout from the website and Huffington Post giving the president 4-Pinnochios – sad but true. Both Article 2 and Amendment 10 were discussed and much more – play the audio to listen …

See the handout here 06-NSA_ACA_Constitution_HandoutCurrentIssues shared in class and main points.








Curriculum & Learning Styles – Cathy Duffy

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

CathDuffyInterviewListen as your host, Felice Gerwitz interviews her special guest, Cathy Duffy. They discuss everything for why Cathy began homeschooling her three boys, now adults, to the difference between learning styles and modalities. Cathy tackles the hard questions in regard to Common Core standards and how homeschoolers perceive this pointing out a very interesting fact – data collection, which we should all be aware of and guard against.

Don’t miss this great interview with curriculum specialist Cathy Duffy.

Visit Cathy at and subscribe to her enewsletter and connect with her on Facebook as well CathyDuffyReviews

Cathy is author of the book – 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum


Show Host Spotlight – Interview with Professor Woody Wilson

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Show Host Button 6 250Felice Gerwitz interviews show host, of the Current Issues & The Constitution Radio Show, Woody Wilson in this informative Show Host Spotlight segment. Woody shares his background as a retired Veteran, Teacher and currently a college professor. He enjoys working with homeschool youth, since his exposure with students the last two years teaching an online class in American History and American Government & Elections (here). His love of his country and teaching students is a life-long passion. He brings a wealth of information to this class as well as answering student (and parent) questions during the live weekly events on Wednesday at 1:00 PM Eastern.

Felice Gerwitz is the founder of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network and hosts the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show to shine a spotlight on the amazing show hosts of this network.


Conflict & Grace

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Conflicts and graceFelice Gerwitz discusses ways to identify and minimize conflict in our lives, especially as homeschoolers, with help for guarding the way we react and the key to resolving problems especially among children.

This episode includes a two page printable.

Handout HERE

Join Felice weekly at noon eastern time on the “Listen Live” page.

Government Stalemate & Events

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

CurrentIssues_ButtonProfessor Woodrow Wilson launches into a discussion about the government stalemate and more.

In this episode we delve into the government stalemate as we learn what events transpire in a stalemate (also known as a shutdown).

Government shutdowns generally occur when two houses of Congress (or Congress and the president) cannot agree on a certain topic. These generally are budget related and happen right before a new fiscal  year or before the deadline. It means that all the federal programs and agencies will not have all fund to operate. In this case, it is between the Republican House and the Democrat Senate.

Each federal agency develops its own shutdown plan, following guidance released in previous shutdowns and coordinated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The plan identifies which government activities may not continue until appropriations are restored, requiring furloughs and the halting of many agency activities. However, “essential services” – many of which are related to public safety – continue to operate, with payments covering any obligations incurred only when appropriations are enacted.


In prior shutdowns, border protection, in-hospital medical care, air traffic control, law enforcement, and power grid maintenance have been among the services classified as essential, while some legislative and judicial staff have also been largely protected. Mandatory spending not subject to annual appropriations, such as for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, also continues. Other example of activities that continue are activities funded by permanent user fees not subject to appropriations such as immigration services funded by visa fees.




You Spoke & We Listened

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

It is late and my children are all in bed. Just like you, I often snatch what I call “little pockets of time” to do something that requires all of my brain cells. As a mom, I’m good at multi-tasking, but as my children get older I notice that they require all of my attention. Mom nodding while she types away doesn’t sit well with a teen who is trying to tell me something important. And, I know from experience that these years fly by so quickly. I want to savor this precious time with them!

And, I want to share with you – my friends, that I appreciate you more than you know!

The response to the website launch was overwhelming! I want to thank each of you who stopped by and posted on our blog comments section on the Show Hosts Blog Post. I want you to know that those responses have been printed out and put into a notebook and I’ll be addressing your issues in upcoming shows.

We are listening!

Not just me, but the many show hosts of this network, as well. We are here for you! We listened to your input and many responded to your questions with invitations to join their shows – especially if they are recording things you asked for!

My dream is for you to find the help that you need to your most pressing questions – and if you don’t see what you are looking for —  drop me a line and ask. In fact, this week I am talking about Joyful Homeschooling with my friend Meredith Curtis at noon eastern time on Monday. We will discuss joy robbers and how to cope with the things that rob our joy! Believe me there have been many unjoyful times in my homeschool journey.

Every First Monday of the Month join Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz at noon.

Every First Monday of the Month join Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz at noon.

Being joyful is a state of mind and it is attainable despite your current circumstances. We can rise to overcome, however it takes some specific planning and something I call the JOYFUL secret weapon. Join me on Monday to find out what this is…if you can’t be there live – please come back later in the day to listen to the audio.

I’m going to leave you with a hint… look up!

What ways do you combat depressions– feelings of insecurity or general blah in your homeschool day? Please share your ideas and tips with me … or if you need help in a certain situation, let me know. Post your comments below.

Ultimate Radio Hosts

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

jesus-christHis Small Still Voice …Can you hear it?


I’ve been trying to follow God for the greater part of my life. As a child I prayed and I believed. As an adult, I prayed, I believed, and I got discouraged, more times than not. As I progress on this journey the one true constant has been faith. I hope to share with you bits of that faith-journey that led me into the direct path of homeschooling (kicking and screaming). The homeschool journey has put me in the path of so many amazing people. You will meet some of them right here. Now I can’t imagine my life without these incredible people.

When I was praying, trying to hear the small, still voice of the Lord and the direction he wanted me to take after hosting another online series of events for the better part of three years, I had an idea but would it work?

I wanted to bring homeschool families the help they need—via audio files they could download or listen to live… free, but how? This idea began as a small seed and sprouted into what you see before you.

The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network! UHRN FB Profile image

The Lord is indeed the Good Shepherd! Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

Please don’t think I did this alone! The Lord gave me an team of talented people, like the webmaster, Amanda, who created this site from scrawled sheets of site layouts I sent to her; and amazing prayer warriors; my Mastermind team (Kim, Mary Jo, and Maggie); Kim to handle ads; Stephanie graphics and giveaways; and a group of Inspired Blogger moms who had fabulous ideas to share.

The Lord continued to bless me beyond measure by the Show Hosts you see on the drop-down menu on this website– who all said, “Yes!” Not only did they say yes, but they learned strange technology–terms like MPEG, iD3 and teleseminar speak. They learned to edit audio, record on their own, and follow instructions from a person (me) whose personality does not include the word “details.”

Some of these amazing friends are far away and others close by, yet with the wonders of technology, all of them are as close as a computer or phone. These people are  truly gifts from the Lord to me…and, now to you!

I know every one of them, whether from working with them on the webinars I’ve hosted or from their blogs. Some are real-life friends; others are long distance friends. I have listened to their lectures or seminars, read their books, and laughed and cried as we travel life’s course together.

These show hosts are a powerhouse of wisdom and information. They are giving their time and talents to you!

This is my time–my time to lead this group of leaders…to gather them into a wonderful, first ever podcast network just for homeschoolers!

It is my time to be a mentor and to help you in any way that I can. I am always here to listen, to pray and to encourage you. Please know that it is my heart’s desire to see you succeed–not as the world measures success but with the blessings that are priceless, and everlasting.

I’m praying this is a place you will to come often and be refreshed. And, I want to hear from you!

Please tell me in the comments section below what types of show topics you would like to hear.

On behalf of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network and all of the show hosts, I welcome you to our station.


Felice Gerwitz