Will My Kid Get into College?

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Will my kid get into college?

The-Homeschool-Highschool-Podcast-Episode-3-Will-my-kid-get-into-college?The Homeschool Highschool Podcast Episode 3

Will My Kid Get into College?

Will my kid get into college? That’s the question that’s burning on many newbie homeschooling highschool parent!

Join Vicki and Sabrina from 7SistersHomeschool.com as they share insider tips on helping your homeschool high schooler develop a college attractive transcript (but still have fun while they’re being so awesome)!

Vicki has served her homeschool community for 18 years as academic advisor to the local homeschool juniors and seniors. She’s helped hundreds of teens get into college. Sabrina has guided the local homeschooling high schoolers for years as teacher and reference writer.

So don’t miss out! Sabrina and Vicki will help you feel a confident “YES!” to the challenging question, “Will my kid get into college?”