Why Every Homeschool Mom Needs a Homeschool BFF

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homeschool mom needs a homeschool mom bff

Why Every Homeschool Mom Needs a Homeschool BFF

Every homeschool mom goes through a similar experience. We start with the conviction that we should homeschool our children. Moms get excited with shopping for and choosing curriculum. We spend our summer planning.

Then we begin. And it’s not long before we start to feel like we’re going at this thing alone.

We Question Ourselves

Once the loneliness sets in we start to question our decision to homeschool.

One days when our children’s behavior or lack of interest in their studies sets in, we want to give in and hand it over to someone else. Even if we don’t admit that out loud.

It doesn’t mean we’ve lost faith in our conviction, it just means we really are meant to be in community with one another. We need a friend who gets it.

Reaching out to Friends and Finding a Homeschool BFF

This is where having a homeschool BFF can really make your homeschool experience so much better. She understands your struggles. She can hold you up with you’re feeling down. It’s often that homeschool mom BFF who reminds you of why you’re doing this in the first place. And if she’s a true friend she points you back to Jesus, so you don’t lose your way.

Friends for Life

And these friends aren’t just friends for a season. You never really outgrow them. In this podcast I share a little about Mom School and how that experience introduced me to a circle of friends who are still my friends to this day. Good friends.

The Homeschool Sisterhood

That’s why I’m kinda (okay, a lot) excited about the Homeschool Sisterhood  (referral link) with Ana Willis. I wish I’d had this opportunity when I was a brand new homeschooling mom. The opportunity to learn from a veteran homeschool mom who can share how to stay focused would’ve been such a blessing.

Wherever you’re at in your homeschooling journey, check out The Homeschool Sisterhood (referral link) and get yourself plugged in.

PS. Check out …

My podcast interview with Ana Willis, topic: How to Stop the Hustle and Find Your Purpose

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HSHSP Ep 168: Dealing with Discouragement in Homeschool High School

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This week on HSHSP Ep 168: Dealing with Discouragement in Homeschool High School.

HSHSP Ep 168: Dealing with Discouragement in Homeschool High School. Life is rarely perfect, most of the time life is simply real. But that can be really discouraging. Here's are our tips for dealing with discouragement in homeschooling high school. #HomeschoolHighSchool #HomeschoolHighSchoolPodcast #DealingWithDiscouragement


HSHSP Ep 168: Dealing with Discouragement in Homeschool High School

There’s no such thing as a Pinterest-perfect life. There’s no such thing as a Pinterest-perfect mom. Not even a homeschool mom, as much as we would like to try!

Everyone of us (even your 7Sisters- who are just like you, only older) have had periods of discouragement. It’s just part of real life! Join Kym and Vicki as they get real about when life gets real and they get real discouraged. AND what they do about it.


Having a teenager and being a mom means there are two humans working together on homeschooling high school (or even more humans working on homeschooling high school). Real humans sometimes have times of discouragement. We shouldn’t ignore the feelings, we should acknowledge it and then decide what to do about it.

Kym reminds us the first thing to do when feeling discouragement is: PRAY! When we tell God what our lives are like, we are being real and honest (like the Psalms). Then it is wise to sit and listen, allowing God’s creativity to work in our souls so we find the creativity to handle the discouragement in a positive, helpful way.

Do you feel discouraged even in your prayer? God cares. Talk to him about that. He wants our relationship, our honest relationship. Lean into the discouragement in God’s presence, even if it feels *not good enough*…be real with God!

Go for a walk. This can be one of the best ways to pray! It can also be a great way to allow your creativity to happen or simply allow your brain to rest and notice the beautiful things God has made. Here are some other mindful things you can do.

Do some deep breathing. Allow yourself to breathe in, asking God for help. Then exhale, thanking him for help. The oxygen will lower your stress hormones and help you physically feel calmer. Download Vicki’s freebie guide to deep breathing: Progressive Relaxation.

Tell someone you trust and ask for a *processing session*. Tell them they don’t need to fix it, just listen…and maybe agree: *That’s really hard!*

Practice self-awareness. Vicki talks about examining the 3W’s of life:

Listen to what is going on for your teen. Don’t practice a full frontal attack at what he/she is doing or thinking wrong. Instead, take a walk or drive together and just listen. Then ask them to talk out the process, and ask wha they believe the outcomes will be. Sometimes the teens will recalibrate themselves. However, sometimes, we must allow them to make their own mistakes. (Just like God sometimes does with us.) Then TRUST God to be the healer and redeemer our teen needs and TRUST God’s infinite love for our kids.

Remember: It is better to get out of God’s way and stay where we belong: on our needs in prayer. And get some prayer support from friends you can trust.

Join Vicki and Kym for an encouraging discussion about dealing with discouragement.

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As part of our commitment to personalized homeschooling, we are proud to offer both secular and Christian options for homeschool families, charter schools, state organizations, co-ops, athletic organizations, arts schools, and others who seek flexible education options for their families.

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HSHSP Ep 168: Dealing with Discouragement in Homeschool High School

How to Stop the Hustle and Find Your Purpose

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How to Stop the Hustle and Find Your Purpose

Do you hustle? Are you going from one thing to the next- burning the candle at both ends? I’m so glad you tuned in tonight!

Our guest for tonight’s podcast of the Mommy Jammies Night show is Ana (pronounced Ahna, like the Princess in Frozen!) Willis, They Call Me Blessed. We are talking about how to Stop the Hustle and Find Your Purpose.

About Ana Willis

Ana Willis

From Ana’s site, “My name is Ana Willis, I’m the founder of They Call Me Blessed, this inspiring and encouraging online community for moms where you landed today. I’m a pastor, certified health coach, wife of 10 years and blessed homeschool mom to 3 amazing children: Ben, Hadassah, and Ariella.

I’m the creator of 5 Days to Your Best Homeschool Years, Grow Your Blog Partying in 30 Days, Hebrew for Homeschoolers, and the Beyond Blessed Life Planner.

Show Notes

How does hustle hurt you? Ana shares how her own constant working and serving cost her her health, her finances, and almost her marriage.

What is the definition of hustle? Ana explains how it hurts us in the long run and isn’t God’s best for us.

How do we take our life back from being a slave to the hustle mindset? Ana gives us questions to ask ourselves to make us aware of where we need to make changes.

What are some symptoms of hustling? Muli-tasking, burn out, and more.

This inspiring conversation with Ana will bless you with practical encouragement and action steps to turn from the pursuit of “the next best thing” and turn towards a life of content based on God’s best for us. She shares how listening to Him in the middle of her recovery from stress and burn out turned her life around and gave her a ministry to women today- to claim, “They Call Me Blessed.”

I encourage you to visit her blog and be blessed by her joy and encouragement. 

Visit Ana at her website: They Call Me Blessed 

And her social media channels:


Facebook Group: They Call Me Blessed MOMS

And also check out the course mentioned in the podcast, Hebrew for Homeschoolers (Summer Intensive), Herbrew for Homeschoolers 10-week course, and Learn Hebrew Through Songs and Prayers

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Implementing Continuing Ed for the Homeschool Mom

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Implementing Continuing Ed for the Homeschool MomTake the time to learn something new or explore a topic or hobby you have always wanted to. Think you don’t have the time or it isn’t important? Think again. Listen in for why this is crucial to you and your family and how to easily fit it in to any busy schedule.

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What Qualifies YOU to Homeschool?

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Episode 7:  What Qualifies You to Homeschool?

Join Richele for a moment of encouragement in your homeschool journey. Have ever been asked if you were qualified to homeschool? Have you ever wondered if you were? There is no need to homeschool with fear in your heart. You are uniquely qualified to homeschool your child. Sit back and relax and drink in the encouragement.

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