Science Labs on a Budget

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Tried and True Science Labs |Tried and true science labs depend on good equipment but also a good curriculum. |j #podcast #homeschoolpodcast #teachingsciencelabs

Science Labs on a Shoestring Budget

Want to do science at home? Tried and true science labs are finally easy to do at home. With labs on a shoe-string budget, you will find the information you need to stock your science lab at home.

What is contained in a tried and true science lab?

All purpose science kit.

Biology Kit

Chemistry Kit

Physics Kit

Tips on keeping all of your materials organized.

Where to purchase “real” science equipment.

Science labs depend on good equipment but also a good curriculum. This book has hundreds of recommended books and many are available in libraries.

Tried and true lab sheets!

An added bonus to this book contains blank science experiment sheets – we’ve used these over the years with our children and hundreds of children have used them in science labs I’ve hosted. These lab sheets will keep the kid’s notes organized and are great for science lab notebooks.

Author and publisher, Felice Gerwitz of Media Angels, Inc. will discuss tried and true science labs to incorporate science labs within the home – this presentation is taken from her book, Teaching Science and Having Fun.







Keeping Christ the Center of Your Homeschool – Heidi St. John

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Replay: Keeping Christ the Center of Your Homeschool

“Keeping Christ the Center of your Homeschool” with Heidi St. John

When was the last time that you were undone by your thirst for God?  Staying connected to God and being in the word with our children is so vital for homeschooling and disciplining our children. Heidi shares her heart and passion to encourage families to dig into the Word together and grow closer to God in this podcast, “Keeping Christ in the Center of Your Homeschool”. Grab your bibles and prepare to be encouraged.

Thanks to our sponsor, A Fanthom Presents Film – The Ark and The Darkness – Movie Trailer here: NoahsFlood

Heidi St. John has been married to her husband Jay since 1989. Together they have seven children from toddler to adult and have homeschooled all the way through high school. A favorite conference and radio speaker, Heidi approaches marriage and parenting with humor and grace. Her passion to encourage moms and set them free to be who God has created them to be will bless and encourage you. Connect with Heidi at her blog The Busy Mom, on Facebook, on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.


Enjoy this Podcast on Christ in Your Homeschool?

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Special Replay – New Year New Focus

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New Year New Focus: Meredith and Felice cover three important goals each have set for their well-being.

Special Replay – New Year New Focus
Meredith Curtis & Felice Gerwitz

Join Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz monthly for Lunch with Meredith and Felice the first Monday of each month. This month Meredith and Felice cover three important goals each have set for their well-being. If you are a Christian wife, mother and a homeschooler you will benefit from this session.

Here is a printable for you to hold onto or take notes on as you listen to today’s session. NewYear_NewFocus_LunchwithMeredith&Felice

Homeschooling During Crisis | Kendra Fletcher

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Homeschooling During Crisis | Mommy Jammies Night

Mommy Jammies Night with Kendra Fletcher – Homeschooling During Crisis (Replay)

Could you continue homeschooling during crisis? Just about every possible nightmare that could happen to a couple, happened to Kendra and Andy Fletcher. In this audio, Kendra shares her story as well as hope, that “God’s got this!” HomeschoolinginCrisisHandout_KendraFletcher from Kendra.


Kendra Fletcher on UHRN

Kendra is co-host of Homeschooling IRL with her husband, Fletch – please visit their show page on this network

Homeschooling IRL

More About Kendra & Her Family

Kendra Fletcher is a mother of 8, speaker, author, and podcaster. She is the author of Lost and Found: Losing Religion, Finding Grace, and Leaving Legalism, and she regularly writes for Key Life Ministries. The Fletchers reside in California, where they play in the Pacific Ocean as often as possible.


More Podcasts Featuring Kendra Fletcher

Lost & Found | Mommy Jammies Night




TRUE Love of Christ for Mom

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true love of Christ | The true love of Christ is never more evident than at Christmas time and Easter. During this season we look to Christ, #Homeschool #homeschooling #podcast #happinessinchrist True Love of Christ

The true love of Christ is never more evident than at Christmas time and Easter. During this season we look to Christ, His coming as an infant and look at this sacrifice for us! We celebrate Christmas in so many different ways. Without loved ones, or sometimes alone. I’ve spoken to many single moms who share time with their children and explain that Christmas is a time of loneliness.

Do you feel the true happiness comes from Christ? Do you reach out to others in need? Do you look at the transformation that can come into your life by placing yourself in God’s hands?

In this special episode, I want to share the true love of Christ!

Merry Christmas from Vintage Homeschool Moms!  Back in 2013, I shared a story I wrote especially for you, the busy and weary mom. Felice writes a tale of a woman you can probably identify with at some point of your journey as a wife and mother. She writes about the transformation that takes place when this woman places herself totally into the hands of Christ.

We hope you enjoy this special story – and share it with your friends!

Please follow this show at and visit our sister website the Ultimate Christian Podcast Network and my show A Few Minutes with GodPodcast.




Stress-Free Celebrations

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Stress-free celebration


Regardless of the holiday you’re celebrating, there’s always a certain amount of stress to go with it. There’s no magic wand to make that disappear, but some thinking ahead can go a long way. Here’s what Felice has to say …


Is stress-free enough? Every year, I dream of a stress-free celebrations. I’ve created seminars on the topic for my Thanksgiving and Holiday Expo, I’ve drilled down to the things that really bother me during the holiday, and I plan ahead. Throughout the year, I keep an eye out for holiday bargains that won’t break my budget. But I’ve realized that during the holidays, there is going to be some measure of stress that just can’t be avoided. The strategies below keep me sane: enjoy this list from my Stress-Free Seminar.

Which one of these things can you implement in your holiday planning?

  • Plans with Prayer
    • Make a Plan
    • Plan to Break It
    • Cross Out
    • Add To
    • Discuss
  • Adult Privileges
    • Just Say No!
  • Exceptions:
    • Brings you peace and joy
    • You want to do it
    • You are obligated
  • Mommy Time Out
    • Meditations
    • Focus – 60 seconds
    • Praise music
  • Revive Your Soul
    • Music
    • Reading
    • Praying
    • DO the ONE thing
  • Gift Giving  –card wrap
    • Time
    • Creativity
    • Exchange
    • Encouragement
  • Back Up Plan
      • You aren’t in control
      • Take out the List and cross out
      • Enlist help
      • Regroup
    • The Reason for the Season
      • CHRISTmas (or THANKSgiving)
      • Attitude Check
        • Expectations – yours?
        • Expectations – family?
        • Others WORSE off
  • Permission Granted
    • Neck rub
    • Foot soak
    • Hand massage
    • Family snuggles
    • Eat chocolate or cookies!
  • Affirmations
    • You are loved
    • You are a child of God
    • You are special
    • You are unique
    • You are treasured


Regardless of the holiday (or holy day), with a little advanced planning you can make your celebrations more stress-free.

How do you plan to avoid stress during family celebrations? I’d love to hear from you!

Felice Gerwitz is a wife, mother and author who strives to keep stress out of her life — but knows that only with GOD are all things possible! Here is a handout she hopes you enjoy: Vintage Handouts Stress Free Holidays

How to teach teenagers about managing money (when you’re not doing so great yourself)

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click the image to listen to the podcast

Teach Teenagers About Money

It’s tough to teach teenagers about managing money, especially if you’re not doing so great yourself!

But we all know that money management is an important skill that your teenagers will use every day of their adult life. They may never use Algebra II again, but money skills are vital.

I have an episode of the Dollars and Sense podcast to help you teach teenagers about managing money. Click here to listen

Our motivation to be teaching teenagers about money

  • Other people’s bad examples are all around us, including the US government.
  • We want them to avoid excessive debt. Did you know that college debt now exceeds credit card debt? Unbelievable!
  • Someone is watching you! So teach them how to avoid the mistakes you made.
  • We want to avoid boomerang kids, who are adults that return to live in their parents’ home, usually for financial reasons. Imaging the movie “Failure to Launch -Homeschool Style!” Always remember, we are raising adults, not children.

How to Teach Money Skills to a Teenager

  • Go with a natural style. Talk about money, what things cost, what people earn, decisions and trade-offs  a you go about your day. Stores are a great place to talk about money and choices.
  • Use real life examples. Share your own money stories (good or bad)  or those of people you read about in the news.
  • Get someone else to teach your teenagers. For example: Sunday school class, Scouts, or a homeschool co-op class. See the Resources below for curriculum that works well in a group setting.
  • Make personal finance a required class for graduation from your homeschool high school. The Resources below has several options for curriculum.

What to Teach Teenagers About Money

  • What things cost and what jobs earn.
  • Career exploration and post high school education.
  • Checking accounts and financial software such as Quicken or Ace Money Lite (it’s what I use and it’s free)
  • Budgets. One teenager I know is given $150/month as an allowance, but she has to buy everything: clothes, food, entertainment and gas.
  • Avoid credit card debt, but start building credit history in college.
  • Student loan debt. With her dad out of work, one college student chose a state school when shown the debt she would have from staying at a private college.
  • Taxes and federal spending. My husband says it’s his goal to raise taxpayers! We should all want that.
  • Entrepreneurship. My Micro Business for Teens books help a teenager earn money while learning a lot about business. Starting a Micro Business, a public television show features six students who started their own micro businesses. Ethan pays his own cell phone bill by teaching guitar and Linnea paid her way to China by tutoring.
  • Investing. Experts at eToro recommend you to try a stock market simulation game.

Resources mentioned in the podcast

Schoolhouse Teachers  offers my Career Exploration 8 week class

Free! National Endowment Financial Education (NEFE) High School Financial Planning Curriculum

Generation Change for youth groups and Foundations in Personal Finance for schools at

Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money from 10 weeks, individual or class use

Money Matters for Teens Ages 15-18 Edition by Larry Burkett (oldie but still available on

Micro Business For Teens books at

Starting a Micro Business television show on YouTube

Our federal budget graphically displayed at

Tax return simulations from the IRS at Understanding Taxes


I hope you’re on your way to raising money-smart teenagers!

Carol Topp, CPA

Formerly Dollars and Sense now Homeschool CPA on Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network

How to teach homeschool teenagers about money


What do you give an author for Christmas? Dollars and Sense Show #32

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Do you have a writer or budding author on your Christmas list?

Carol Topp, host of the Dollars and Sense Show podcast has some gift ideas for the writer on your shopping list.

Books for Writers:

Tools for Writers

Moleskin notebook and pens for brainstorming, note taking, ideas, etc.

Website hosting and domain name. I use (but you don’t have to be a mom!)

IBSN International Standard Book Number from Bowker $125 for a block of 10 ISBN

Learning Resources

Writers Digest tutorials

Writers conferences. I’ve been to Midwest Writers Workshop, Indiana Faith and Writing Conference, Kentucky Christan Writers, The Business of Writing International Summit in Kentucky.

Help for Writing Success

A virtual assistant to set up a blog, post articles, do social media posts, set up ebooks on Clickbank, CreateSpace or Kindle.

Writers retreat, a cabin, a hotel or a cruise

Consultation with an accountant. Contact me, Carol Topp, CPA. Or with a book professional and publisher. Contact Felice Gerwitz

Other Christmas Gift Ideas for Writers

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Carol Topp, CPA


P.S. If you’d like to give me a Christmas gift, I’d like a review on iTunes. (click on View in iTunes to leave a review)


Mommy Jammies Night – Jeannie Fulbright

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 “Imparting a Biblical Worldview”

Join LaToya and her guest Jeannie Fullbright as she shares "Imparting a Biblical Worldview”

What is a Biblical Worldview? How does our worldview affect the quality of our lives? How does it shape our words, our actions and choices? Armed with a Biblical Worldview, our children will be more equipped to walk with the Lord as adults. We don’t have to be perfect parents or super spiritual to impart a Biblical worldview; we only need be aware and purposeful and often humble. In this talk, Jeannie will explore these issues and give specific ideas for giving your children an eternal perspective and a strong Biblical Worldview, so that they will be ready to face the world.

Jeannie Fulbright is a homeschooling mother of four and the author of Apologia’s Young Explorer series: Exploring Creation. Those titles include Astronomy, Botany, Zoology 1, 2 and 3, Anatomy and Physiology, and the new Chemistry and Physics for elementary through middle school students.

At the age of ten, Jeannie wrote her first book, and later continued her writing journey at the University of Texas. There, she wrote for the newspaper and spent evenings as a primetime newscaster for the student radio station. After graduating from UT-Austin, she married her husband, Jeff, who is an attorney. They live in Metro Atlanta with three of their four children.

Jeannie’s children range in age from 13 to 20. Her oldest graduated from homeschooling in 2011 and was accepted on scholarship to the University of Georgia where she is on the Dean’s List.

It’s her love for God’s Word, her family, homeschooling, and other believers that inspires her to continue writing and speaking. She has a heart to encourage homeschoolers everywhere. Not only does Jeannie continue to create curriculum, she also writes a monthly newsletter, a weekly blog and is very active on social media. She can be found on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, sharing homeschooling ideas and inspiration.

Mommy Jammies Night – Sherri Seligson

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“Am I Ruining My Children? What I Wish I Knew When I Began Homeschooling”

Join LaToya and her guest Sherri Seligson as she shares "Am I Ruining My Children? What I Wish I Knew When I Began Homeschooling”

Sherri shares 10 things that she wished she knew when she started homeschooling: Don’t have to do school at home. Don’t stress over the gaps.  Don’t fall into the comparison trap. And More! Get ready for some encouragement and practical tips on homeschooling  in this podcast, “Am I Ruining My Children? What I Wish I Knew When I Began Homeschooling”.

Sherri Seligson and her husband, David, have been homeschooling their four children for 21 years, graduating their last child this year. Before she was promoted to “mother,” Sherri worked as a marine biologist at Walt Disney World’s Living Seas, publishing shark behavior research. She has authored Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Marine Biology and Interning for High School Credit as well as companion curricula for feature films including Dolphin Tale and War Horse. Sherri has written for several science publications as well as homeschool magazines.  She loves to speak at conferences where she can encourage moms on their homeschool journey, and she has a motivated heart for helping families see God in science.

You can connect with Sherri on Facebook or her blog, Just Extraordinary.