Finding Balance with Working from Home and Homeschooling

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Looking to find balance with working and homeschooling? Listen in. Finding Balance with Working from Home and Homeschooling

Article author: Gina Steffy

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Homeschooling Work-Life Balance

In this episode of “Homeschooling Work-Life Balance,” we’re delving into the intricate challenge of balancing a full-time job while homeschooling.

Full-Time Work & Full-Time Family Life

Juggling homeschooling and a full-time job? Bet you’re pretty tired. #ihearyou

If you’re employed with full-time work inside or outside the home, your work tasks can leave feeling overwhelmed when trying to balance this with homeschooling. It can take a toll on your mental health and you might feel like one more Zoom call will end you.

Even with older children, the demands of being a full-time homeschooling parent are a lot to juggle. Take a deep breath, I have some good news for you. You can be a homeschooling mom and learn to gracefully juggle all.the.things.

One thing I’ve learned over the past year (or 5!), is that embracing a daily schedule as a working mom is key.

When I say schedule, think flow. Give yourself lots of grace and know that you can’t possibly be all things to all people. Take the little bit of help when it’s offered, for example:

  • Can a spouse or friend (or the kids themselves if old enough) be present at some of the extracurricular activities that your family has chosen to participate in?
  • Can you manage to have a home office if working from home? Have a space to separate yourself from the rest of your work (raising your family), can give you a mental break at the end of the day.
  • Consider a block schedule or loop schedule, not just for your homeschooling, but for your business.
  • If you’re a single mother, take an honest look at your best helpers, including family, friends, and church. I’m a big believer in taking help with younger children when it’s offered and you feel comfortable with it.
  • Is it in your budget to hire your tribe? Seriously, Task Rabbit, Facebook friends who are local and trying to also launch a business while homeschooling could be among the best tips you have for getting some time back.

Let’s join Vicki Tillman for her seasoned advice for homeschool schedules and additional resources and ideas to give us the highest quality time in the most effective way.

Vicki works as a counselor in her regular job, and offers life and career coaching services at Vicki helped found a large homeschool “umbrella school” and served that community for almost 20 years as an upperclassmen academic advisor and teacher (where she helped hundreds of students take the next steps toward college or career). She graduated all 5 of her children from homeschool. They are all pursuing or have completed varying levels of college degrees from BA to PhD.

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Additional Resources:

Virtual Assistant 411 Podcast

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Looking for the 411 on the virtual assisting business? We've got you covered.

Hey, you! Are you looking for the 411 on the world of virtual assisting? Are you a virtual assistant who wants to grow?

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to own your own virtual assistant business? Are you clear on the big three: landing your first client, potential clients, and what virtual assistant services to offer? What about the tech, tools, and marketing you need to grow?

On Virtual Assistant 411 Podcast, we’ll give you the literal 411 on launching, growing, and managing your own small business.

Join Gina Steffy and Jenn Hamrick each week, small business owners themselves with over 30 years of online marketing and virtual assisting experience between them, for the tips, tricks, and tools you need to master to have a successful career in the virtual assistant industry.

From the first step to the finish line, we’ll equip you, cheer you on, and give you the inside scoop, the 411, to grow your business the most effective way.

We’ve got you. And you’ve got this.

Find resources at  and connect with us in our Moms in Community Facebook group.

Is a Virtual Assistant Business Right for a Homeschool Mom?

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Back to Homeschool Decisions (and a Giveaway!)

It’s that time of year, Back to Homeschool season. Along with an incredible giveaway (see below), many current homeschool moms are looking for a way to make extra income to afford the homeschooling lifestyle. You might be a mom curious about homeschooling and hoping you can find a way to earn extra money while you  homeschool.

I’m here to encourage you, that YES! You can homeschool and work from home. And this could be the year you get to celebrate two things: working from home and a back to homeschool giveaway!

Is a Virtual Assistant Business Right for a Homeschool Mom?

When determining if a virtual assistant business is a good work from home opportunity for a homeschool mom, it helps to take a virtual assessment.  Ask yourself the following questions to help you make a sound decision.

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Many homeschooling moms have heard the buzz about working at home. Is it possible to work at home and have a work at home business?

It’s vital to consider that homeschooling is your first commitment. You’ve made the promise to your family.

Ask yourself:

  • Can I prioritize my homeschool over my business and still bless my family financially?
  • Is it possible to serve my family and my clients in a way that doesn’t stress me out?
  • Can you manage a “side hustle” and still homeschool well?

Let’s look at what a virtual assistant is and what’s required.

First, What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an individual who helps manage portions of a business owner’s business. Normally a freelance worker, you can work your business from anywhere. A homeschooling mom is an ideal fit for this! She’s likely already a working through the three areas you need to master to be successful!

They are …

1. Manage (your VA Business)

  • Time- Are you able to manage the time necessary to work your business? Can you handle the daily life interruptions? Can you balance homeschooling, working at home, and family life?
  • Money- Can you handle the ebb and flow the income? Are you able to manage taxes due? Can you make wise spending choices?
  • Instructions – Are you willing to take the time to follow instructions and learn the needs of a client? Can you balance the client needs with the needs of a homeschooling moms life?
  • Alone time- Do you have a strategy for handling time alone and make the best use of that time?


2. Market (your VA Business)

  • Don’t be shy! Are you willing to get yourself out there? This often takes time and that’s a precious commodity for a homeschooling mom. Can you make this work?
  • What are you good at? Make a list of your skill set. Think about the things you already know and do as a homeschool mom that can translate to a VA business.
  • Ideal Client, what’s that? Are you able to think about who you already know that you might be able to help with their business. This is likely the homeschooling community.

3. Master (your VA Business)


Are you willing to invest your time and resources into what’s necessary to grow your skill set and establish your business properly?


Are you willing to establish the processes  and systems you need in order to grow your business?


Would you say that you’re willing to learn to manage a team or subcontractors in order to make an independent income?

If you’ve determined, that Yes! I think I can homeschool and have a home business keep reading …

How can you homeschool and have a virtual assistant business and do both well. The 3 skills we’ve covered are your launch pad.

Think of the time commitment.

Homeschooling is often a full time job.

  • Do you have the support of your spouse and family to add to that responsibility?
  • Can you use your managed free-time to build a business without building resentment in your children?
  • Is it possible to stay on top of the legal requirements to homeschool while building a business?

I’m confident that you can, but this is something that you have to consider for yourself. Sit down and talk to your spouse and family. Listen with an open mind to their objects and considerations. Manage everyone’s expectations and you’re sure to have the answer and the confidence you need moving forward.

With the right support, an honest look at your homeschool mama priorities, and a commitment to do things well, you can build a business that will bless your family.

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