Working with Professionals as Homeschoolers

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Homeschoolers frequently ask me for advice about seek professional help with testing, mental health, or medical services.  In this episode, I share six of my top tips for working with professionals as a homeschooler.







Show Notes

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Melanie Wilson’s Amazon Author Page

Election Unit Study by Techie Homeschool Mom


Nehemiah 1:11

2 Timothy 2:24

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College Admission and Scholarship Secrets for Homeschoolers with Lee Binz

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Lee Binz

Secrets to College Admission and Scholarships with Lee Binz - this podcast is the ultimate guide to homeschooling high school with college as the goal

This interview with Lee Binz, the Home Scholar, should really be titled The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Your Way to College. Lee offers so much valuable information that you’ll want to pin or bookmark this show for later. Be sure to share it with friends! They’ll thank you. Learn:

What a college-prep curriculum looks like

Where you can find help creating a high school transcript

When you need to start the college selection process

Why Lee says her two sons received full tuition scholarships

Lee’s tip for increasing SAT/ACT scores, and much more!

If you are nervous about college prep education, you’ll love this show! If you know someone who isn’t sure they can homeschool high school, I hope you’ll share the show with them.

My favorite quote from the interview is:

Every child deserves a college-prep education.

Want to hear more from Lee? Attend one of her sessions at the St. Louis Homeschool EXPO 2014.

Here are the many invaluable resources mentioned in this podcast:

Scheduling: The Secret to Homeschool Sanity (available on Amazon)

The Home Scholar’s Guide to College Admission and Scholarships

Lee’s Freebies (a list of free resources on that includes the webinar that will help you create a transcript)

Finding a College You Love ebook

FREE Ebook! Finding a College You Love
By Lee Binz, The HomeScholar,

You have cared, nurtured, loved and protected your child for 18 years. Now comes the hard part! You need to somehow find a college that you love, and that will love your child. Colleges love homeschoolers for their academic preparation, socialization, and specialization. They love us and they want us at their school. Right now, colleges and universities around the country are salivating at the chance of getting their hands on your kids AND your money. Today’s wise parent MUST learn to discern high pressure sales tactics embedded in today’s “big business” universities, smooth-as-silk marketing claims that mix the truth with lies, and moral and ethical lingo which hides a “Christian-in-name-only” reality. One essential strategy for finding a college you love is to VISIT. Plan ahead, and arm yourself with knowledge! You only get one chance to do this right and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Learn to find a college you can love!
Download Finding a College You Love!

What’s the biggest concern you have with helping your homeschooled child get into college?

Homeschoolers and the Law

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144x144Homeschoolers and the Law


This week on Life and the Law, Christine Field will discuss homeschooling laws.  A recent case regarding a homeschool enrichment group will be analyzed and several other education-related stories will be highlighted.


Notes from this week’s episode:

Indiana Supreme Court to Review Lawsuit Harassing Catholic Volunteer Homeschool Group Over Meal


Why Some People Don’t Like Homeschoolers


Students Sign Petition to Have  Gun Owners Executed In Concentration Camps


Report: Abortions at Lowest Rate Since Roe v Wade



Tracking & Classifying Our Children From Pre-K To College


MBFLP – Homeschool Politics – With HSLDA’s Mike Smith and Rick Boyer of Take Back The Land

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This week we talk with HSLDA’s Mike Smith about the importance of the Parental Rights Amendment, and with Rick Boyer of “Take Back The Land” about why we need to teach leadership in our home schools. These interviews were recorded at the HSLDA National Christian Homeschool Leadership Conference in Ellicott City, Maryland, in September.