If WE Could Turn Back Time

If We Turn Back Time - Things We'd Tell Our Younger Selves about HomeschoolingTHSC in The Woodlands is always a fun conference. One of the reasons I love it so much is that I get to hang out with two of my favorite ladies on the planet, Arlene and Jamie. We even wore the same NAME on our nametags all weekend and enjoyed the confused looks we received.

We decided it would be fun to chat about the things we would tell our young selves (if we could) about this homeschooling gig. We definitely had some laughs and shared some pretty cool stuff. Here are the highlights:

  1. Lighten up.
  2. Don’t try and do everything.
  3. Only plan for the next year.
  4. Don’t compare.
  5. Trust your gut.

Homeschooling is a journey. It is a marathon. Some days will be great. Some days will be disastrous. Hang in there. We all agreed that we are thankful we did and think our kids would say the same.

If you aren’t a part of a co-op or moms group, start one. We all need likeminded people around us to encourage us on the tough days. Contact your state or local homeschooling organization if you aren’t sure where the cool homeschool kids hang out in your area.


You’ve got this!


Find a way to #sayyes today.

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Back To School – HIRL Episode 116

Free homeschooling podcast about starting the school year.

Are you starting your school year? We are! Let’s gather around the teacher’s lounge and gear up for another year of teaching our kids at home.

Fletch and Kendra are starting their 19th year of homeschooling with a bang and letting you in on the fun. On this episode, they are also imparting 5 questions to ask yourself as you head back to school this year.

Join us and let’s get the school year rolling!

:57 – Fluff : Fletch shares his opinion about weddings and baby deliveries.
9:12 – Back To School
25:19 –  The show is over. iTunes Reviews. Letters from listeners. Goodbye!


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