New Semester New Hope

Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #127, New Semester New Hope, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

New Semester New Hope

In “New Semester New Hope,” Episode, #127, Meredith Curtis welcomes you to a new year and a new semester. You can change direction, do something fun, try out new curriculum! It’s time to hope for a brighter tomorrow! Things don’t have to stay the same or get worse—with Christ there is always a chance for a new beginning. Forget what is behind and press on toward the goal!



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Show Notes

Last year started out with high hopes! The economy was booming! Our family was healthy and happy. Who knew that 4 months later one of my daughters would be fighting for her life, Covid-19 would keep us from attending our son’s wedding, and a dear friend would die. 2020 was not a great year for me.

So, am I full of doom and gloom about 2021? Well, honestly, I am a little nervous about some things, but I am still full of hope. No matter what happens, Jesus is still on the throne! I trust Him.

Why does hope matter?


Faith, hope, love last forever.

Hope does not disappoint

Hope motivates us to action

Hope brightens our mood

Hope brings joy to those around us

Hope is contagious.

Our teens need hope.

Where is Our Hope Fixed

Our hope is in a person, not fate, not luck, not our abilities, not karma,

Where is do we place our hope?

Our hope is in the One that will never change.

God is faithful. He will complete what He has begun.

The Lord cares about your homeschooling.

New Year

Cultures all around the world celebrate a New Year. There is promise and an opportunity to make changes.

New Blessings

New Problems

New Solutions

New Opportunities

New Semester

New Semester

Can you stop and evaluate and make changes? Yes!

Changing schedules

Changing furniture around

Organizing the homeschool room

Changing Curriculum


Couldn’t buy my textbook at a homeschool convention because of months in book.

Most important thing is the teacher and student, not curriculum. Here’s why.

Having said that, sometimes you do need a new curriculum.

Algebra II

Consider Living Books


Christmas conversation about Economics

Enjoying literature with book club.

Life skill courses are a blast.

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Introduction~ Victory over Adversity~ 1

Welcome my friends! I am excited to be starting on this podcasting adventure with you!

Just the facts ma’am… My name is Heather Laurie. I have a wonderful husband Chris Laurie. We have 5 children and 3 angels.

I have homeschooled our children through their entire education, K through graduation. Right now we are outnumbered by pre-teens and teens but loving this phase in life.

When Chris and I met and fell in love in boot camp we were not saved. As we faced the stillbirth of our second child a beautiful daughter we began searching for God in a meaningful way. Through that harsh adversity we were saved. We also found a church community and a homeschooling community. The Lord was there waiting for us to call out and then He blessed us abundantly.. to this day those blessings continue all my children have a real and meaningful relationship with God. In part due to our loss of precious Sarah.

I know what it is like to homeschool with children that have special needs. Thus my blog/speaking/writing life at I also know what it is like to be mom with a chronic illness. We have a disease called mitochondrial disease and it affects the kids and I. There is no cure or treatment at this time. There is HOPE!

My friends I have been in hospice and spent months in the hospital. I have watched my child struggle with the simplest things like colors and regressed to ‘lose’ the alphabet 3 times. I have also watched those same lovely children become young adults and far exceed doctor’s statistics.

My children have given their heart and soul to Jesus. Sure we struggle and life can be tough while going through storms but I know there is hope at the end of the tunnel. I know together we can knit a community together that supports and encourages us on to be stronger and rely upon the Lord for Victory!

Overcoming Insecurity with Deb Wolf

insecurity, how to parent girls, how to get past insecurityDeb WolfYou won’t want to miss this episode of The Homeschool Sanity Show where my guest, Deb Wolf, and I get real about:

  • what makes us insecure as women, moms, and homeschoolers
  • why we will only admit to so much
  • how to help our daughters find the source of real security

Deb is the author of a beautiful book that will help you begin the conversation with your daughter about where our security comes from. The illustrator was just 12 when she created these lovely pictures that bring this allegorical fairy tail to life. The paperback version of Sarah’s Garden would make a fantastic gift, but the Kindle version is free December 3rd and 4th, 2013 in honor of our listeners.

Sarah's Garden

Be sure to read Deb’s guest post on Psychowith6, 10 Tips to Grow Gratitude and Increase Happiness in Your Children.

Links mentioned in the podcast

Counting My Blessings – Deb’s personal faith, family, and friendship blog

HomeGoods’ Design Happy Blog – Where Deb shares design ideas & tips on a budget

Sisters in Ministry Facebook group for women whose husbands are pastors

World Vision – Deb’s personal sponsorship page – The international prayer ministry Deb started with her husband