Balancing Working and Homeschooling

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How to Balance Work and Homeschooling: The Homeschool Sanity Show Podcast

If you both work and homeschool, you would probably appreciate some sanity-saving tips for balancing them both. That’s what you’ll find in this episode of the show.

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You can get a sneak peek of my new language arts curriculum and this great Reading-for-Treasure Map at Grammar Galaxy Books.

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Tatiana  says setting clear boundaries with the rest of the family is key, both kids and hubby know not to disturb me when I am at work. I also have my work computer separate from the main living area of the house. What helps me also is that I am most productive in the early morning , so I start working at 5 am and the rest of the people in my house usually sleep until 8


Veronica Karen @Jansta suggests staying hydrated throughout the day and journaling about any guilt you’re experiencing.

Lenny @Hi5Hschool 


Today’s Action Steps

  1. Protect Your Time
  2. Get Help
  3. Make Decisions Without Guilt, especially whether you should work AND homeschool

Next Week

We’ll discuss reasons your child doesn’t love language arts and what to do about it.