How to Get Teens Interested in Writing

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This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: How to Get Teens Interesting in Writing.

How to Get Teens Interested in Writing

How to Get Teens Interested in Writing

We all know that not every teen loves writing. Some find it boring or just do not see the point. Other high schoolers struggle with the writing process, so they want to avoid it. But the truth is, writing is a skill that they will need in life, whether it’s for school, work, or personal communication.

The teens who do not naturally love to write need inspiration and short writing assignments to build their skills and confidence. When you can give them fun or useful writing assignments, reluctant writers often find that they do not mind writing after all!

So let’s explore some ways to get teens interested in writing and make it more enjoyable for reluctant teens.

Create An Experiential Resume

One practical way to get teens to enjoy writing is by helping them create an experiential resume. This type of resume focuses on their non-paid experiences, such as service work, competitions, or community activities. 

It’s a great way for teens to showcase their skills and interests without relying solely on traditional job experience. When teens see their completed experiential resume, they tend to feel more confident. It is a great way to get them interested in writing!

For help with the experiential resume, 7Sisters has a short, no-busywork, downloadable guide for teens.

Write Cover Letters 

Another useful writing project for teens is learning how to write a cover letter. These letters are essential when applying for jobs or internships, and having a template or guide can make the process much easier for teens. 

7Sisters has a simple, basic cover letter guide that can guide homeschool high schoolers through the process/

Practice Filling Out Job Applications

Filling out job applications is another form of writing that teens will encounter. While it may not be an essay, it is an opportunity for them to practice writing and persevere through the process.

Encourage your teens to complete job applications, whether on paper or online, and support them in developing this important writing skill.  These skills will come in handy for teens job hunting as they prepare to enter the workforce or pursue their own business endeavors.

As teens prepare for the real world, they will need specific short-form writing skills. The Professional Writing Bundle provides a comprehensive guide to writing business letters, complaint letters, organizational newsletters, product reviews, and more. 

These skills are valuable to get teens to enjoy writing and will come in handy by equipping them for success in various professional settings, like becoming entrepreneurs or working in a service industry, among other areas.

Do Fun Writing Projects

But writing does not have to be all serious and practical. It can also be fun! If your teen has not discovered the joy of writing yet, consider starting with simple and enjoyable writing projects, like silly poetry couplets or short stories. 

Get teens interested in writing by allowing them to be creative and playful with their writing, where they can discover the joy and satisfaction of expressing themselves through words. These activities help them develop essential writing skills without feeling overwhelmed:

  • Fun or Nostalgic Projects
    • Engaging teens in writing can be achieved by connecting their writing assignments to personal experiences. Encourage them to write family narratives (sharing funny or memorable stories from their family history). 
    • 7Sisters also a Creative Chronicling guide, a fun writing project not only helps homeschool high schoolers develop storytelling skills but also creates a meaningful keepsake.
    • Another creative and fun project is writing tall tales allows teens to unleash their creativity and imagination while practicing character development and dialogue.

Essays and Research Papers

Of course, it is also important for teens to develop their research and essay writing skills– even for reluctant writers. Essays and research papers are essential for developing critical thinking and communication skills because these types of writing help them clarify their thoughts and effectively communicate their ideas. 

While not all teens may be college-bound, these writing exercises help them refine their thought process, express themselves coherently, and learn to research and analyze information effectively. 

You can start teens out with a simple report by downloading our freebie on research papers for reluctant writers. 7Sisters also gives step-by-step guidance and short lessons in our APA research paper writing guide can help teens gain confidence in their ability to tackle these more complex writing tasks. 

Here are more tips for helping teens get their research papers done.

How To Get Teens Interested In Writing

Writing may not be every teen’s favorite activity, but when approaching it in practical and engaging ways, we can inspire them to discover the value and enjoyment of writing. Not every teenager will all of a sudden fall in love with writing when you do these tips, but it still helps get teens to enjoy writing a little bit more and develop the necessary skills and confidence to succeed throughout life.

Let’s encourage and support our teens on their writing journey, helping them unlock their potential and thrive in any future endeavors!

If you have any questions or want to hear about other parents’ experiences with getting their teens interested in writing, join the 7SistersHomeschool Facebook group. We’re all here to support and learn from each other.

And a special thanks to Seth Tillman for editing and to Richie Soares with Homeschool and Humor for writing this blog post.


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