How to Make Money As a Social Media Manager

How to make money as a social media manager

How to Make Money As a Social Media Manager

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What is a Social Media Manager or Consultant

A Social Media Manager (or Consultant) is essentially the “voice” of the brand. This voice is normally predetermined by the client or business owner in partnership with a brand consultant or online business manager.

Social Media Managers are responsible for:

  • keeping a company’s online social media platforms current and growing
  • understanding and implementing the company’s brand voice through social media offerings. These include graphic creation, posts, copy writing, social advertising, customer service, and content marketing.
  • providing analytics or proof of what’s working in social media

How to Learn the Social Media Manager Trade

Learning how to become a social media manager can depend upon your starting point. If you love social media and have an aptitude for writing and perhaps some graphic skills, you have the potential to generate real income as a social media manager.

However, these are really starting skills. In order to really grow as a social media manager and earn the kind of income necessary to move from side-hustle to full-time freelancer, it is beneficial to consider a certification. This is especially true if you’ve had no previous experience as a social media manager on any social platform.

I continually update my certifications in order to generate income and to date the certification with the best return on investment was Social Media Manager School.

I was already working and earning money as a social media consultant, but Social Media Manager School provided me with several missing pieces. Including:

  • Designing my business on a solid foundation
  • Video tutorials with all of the current information on all the major social media platforms
  • Community with other social media managers
  • strategy for growing my own business
  • how to develop a custom strategy for each client

What to Expect Your First 12 Months as a Social Media Manager

  1. Expect to Network – You’re going to spend a lot of time making new friends.
  2. Expect to Make Mistakes – It’ll happen! Correct your errors and move on.
  3. Know Making an Income Takes Time – How much time depends on you, but there’s no such thing as an overnight success.

How to Hire a Social Media Manager

If you’re listening to this podcast and find yourself in need of a Social Media Manager or copywriter, feel free to email me at


What my clients have to say: Referrals

If the idea of becoming a social media manager isn’t a fit for you, take a listen to How to Choose the Right Work at Home Opportunity for You

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