Homeschooling Wisdom for Screen Time

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Homeschooling Wisdom for Screen Time

In “Homeschooling Wisdom for Screen Time,” Episode, #159, Meredith Curtis honestly shares how the power of the internet took her by surprise as a parent and as it became more emeshed in our daily lives, she needed wisdom! Meredith talks honestly about the damage she has seen from attention span issues to pornography addictions. She has sound insight that must be transmitted to our children so they can participate in making wise choices and become responsible in their screen time usage as adults.





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Show Notes

When I homeschooled my oldest daughter, the internet wasn’t really a big part of our lives. As I homeschooled down the line, the internet became a bigger and bigger aspect of daily life. Soon it was on our phones and even homeschool assignments at co-op involved the internet.

The internet felt like a big monster that was ready to gobble my children up.

Nowhere to Hide from the Internet

Sneaking TV shows online

Things I didn’t want my children to see

Online games, Online gaming


Hanging Out with Television Characters

Psych, Marvel superheroes

We become like those we hang out with—that includes characters on shows and movies

Proverbs 13: 20 says, “He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm.”

Old TV Shows Worth Watching

Screen Time Impacts Your Attention Span

Limited older more than younger

I wanted the kids to read, draw, paint, create, play music, and play outside. I didn’t want them to waste hours in front of a phone, TV, computer, or tablet.

Never too late.

Created to Be Addictive

Moms on Instagram

Game creators

Old TV Shows Worth Watching

Pornography & Predators

If the internet was a mall with 10,000 stores in it. 9,900 of those stores would be pornographic or sexual in nature. The internet sells sex. It is a haven and stomping ground for sexual predators and sex traffickers.

Sad situations

Researching? Remember Google has a Political Agenda

If anything the last election taught us it’s that Google, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have a political agenda and use it aggressively.

If we want our children to hear both sides of a political or more issue, we need to show them where to look.

Conservative news sites

Creation science sites

Teach Our Children & Teens

  • They need to remember that TV characters they watch often will impact their own character.
  • Screen time will limit their attention span.
  • Social media sites, online games, and almost everything online is designed to be addictive, especially pornography.
  • Predators and sex traffickers prowl online regularly for children, teens, and young adults. They lie about their identity all the time.
  • And, finally, if they are going to research online they need to remember that the search engine Google (and many others) actually have a political agenda that is contrary to the teachings of Scripture.
  • We live in a world where we must use the internet. We can use it safely, but we need to not just protect our children but share these truths and envision them to take part in protecting themselves.

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