Homeopathic Remedy Review: Ipecacuanha

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Homeopathic Remedy Review: Ipecacuanha - with Homeopathy for MommiesSue Meyer talks about this amazing acute remedy, Ipecacuanha, that is useful for everything from Hemorrhage, and Intermittent fevers, to Whooping cough when Nausea symptoms are present.

From her book, Homeopathy for Mommies:

Ipecac has a wide sphere of action in acute illness. Most complaints begin with nausea, vomiting. The fevers begin with pain in the back between the shoulders, extending down the back, “As though it would break.” Much Fever, vomiting of bile and seldom any thirst. The stomach is disordered: there is a sense of fullness. But there is always the continuous nausea: no relief from vomiting.

Suits well: To persons with a history of nosebleed or other blood loss. Fat children and adults who are feeble and catch cold in warm wet weather. Cases where the gastric symptoms predominate: tongue clean or slightly coated. Profuse saliva.
~Effects of: Ill effects of vexation, reserved displeasure. Injuries, loss of blood, suppressed eruptions. Drug addictions. Food poisoning. Indigestible food, rich food, pork, pastry, fruits, candy, ice cream.

Abdomen/Stomach/ Colic/Nausea/Vomiting: Sick feeling not relieved by vomiting. May appear w other symptoms of flu or pregnancy. Persistent nausea & vomiting resulting in dry heaves with no relief like after anesthesia, in morning sickness, flu if symptoms match. Morning Sickness: Nausea that is unrelieved by vomiting. Even thought of water makes one vomit.

Blood/Hemorrhage: Hemorrhages from any orifice or organ: the Nose, Uterus, kidneys, bowels, stomach, from the lungs. When the flow is not sufficient to account for the prostration, nausea, syncope and pallor of the patient: Ipecac is your remedy! Has great value for stopping bright red hemorrhage’s from any part of the body. Women’s friend-remedy.

Mouth/Teeth: Teething: child thrust his fist into his mouth and screams during dentition. Much saliva accompanies.
Antidoted by: Arn., Ars., Chin., Copper fumes, Dulc., Ferr., Laur., Op., Sul-ac., Tab., Ant-t.
Complementary: Cupr., Arn.”




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Homeopathic Remedy Review: Ipecacuanha - with Homeopathy for Mommies