5-Steps to Guarantee Thanksgiving Before It’s Too Late

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Today I won't complain

Could it be too late?

Are you so bogged down that the thought of being thankful really takes a herculean effort? Wouldn’t it be truly wonderful if we could print out this poster and daily pledge to keep the promises, and just do it?

But, let’s face it real life gets in the way. In fairness real life gets in the way 80% of the time. There is so much to handle on a daily basis that without a real effort on our part we’d be in a heap in a corner somewhere. Yet, it is not too late! There is still that 20% of the time, right? What we need is a plan.

A Mommy S.O.S. intervention plan.

I spent a delightful hour with Meredith Curtis a good friend of mine on the “Lunch with Meredith and Felice” session of the Vintage Homeshool Moms. I asked Meredith to send me five points (the day before) she would like to use as encouragement for families to “guarantee” a spirit of thanksgiving. We both have extremely busy households. Meredith has both adult and teen children living at her home. Her husband is a pastor and she is a homeschool mom that teaches at a co-op, an author and is in the midst of planning her Finish Well Conference in Orlando Florida, in January for teens and their parents.

I on the other hand have three teens left at home with homeschooling needs. I run a publishing business, this website, and help my husband with his home inspection and construction business. My dad lives with us and so does my oldest son. Yes… I’m exhausted writing all of this out! So, how do Meredith and I maintain a thankful heart and spirit, daily? First, by the grace of God in prayer but also with a plan to purpose to thank Him.

Our topic was Five Steps to Guarantee Thanksgiving.

The Holy Spirit leads our conversations and this past week’s session it was no surprise that each of our five points seemed to dovetail and fit so perfectly. Doing any one of these suggestions is guaranteed to give you an attitude check. You can listen to the audio here, and print out the printable complete with poster here listing each of our five points.

So? What is the problem? Life.

I learn that while I have an amazing arsenal of ideas life gets in the way. It is difficult to be thankful when I need to pay bills or I have to take my son to the orthodontist today instead of finishing a lesson in Biology. You know when my plans are interrupted by the daily to-do list of life! These things tend to annoy me and I play right into the hands of the enemy. I begin to be discontent, annoyed and grumble. Not always outwardly but in my mind and to my Lord.

I’ve parented long enough to know that my children learn best through my actions. It is what I DON’T say that they learn rather quickly rather than what I SAY to do! My actions are absorbed into their being and that is why parents say things like, “My kids pick up all my bad habits.” Why? Because we model them so well and so often. We need to model the good habits and then we will see the results.

I praise God for a parking spot at the grocery store, thank him for allowing me to find the last shoe in my size, pants on sale for my daughter (that fit and were appropriate!). or a shoes on the sale rack that was 1/3 the price of all the others for my son. My children in turn praise God for little and big blessings as well. What a legacy! We detail more in the audio so I won’t repeat it all here but do know your are not alone. While both Meredith and I may have a bit more on our to-do lists than most families we still want to server our families as best we can. And do this while giving Him all the thanks, glory and praise.

Share one something you do to give thanks in the face of adversity… or anytime.