It’s Not About Money

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Welcome to It’s Not About Money: The Money Podcast for Intentional Parents

Join us, Charla and Matt McKinley, as we delve into the world of parenting with a financial twist. This podcast is your go-to resource for raising responsible and ready adults, providing insights and actionable advice on money matters and beyond.  Scroll down to listen!  👇🏻

Sneak Peek of Upcoming Podcast Episodes:

  • The Case for Boredom
    Discover why boredom can be a powerful catalyst for your child’s creativity and independence.
  • Life Lessons Through Movies
    It is a unique way to teach your children about life and money through the power of cinema.
  • Spring Cleaning: More Than Chores
    Find out how household tasks can teach your kids about responsibility and hard work. (Teaser of three jobs included!)
  • 28 Essential Skills for Adulting
    A comprehensive four-part series diving into skills every child needs for adulthood. (Preview of several skills from each category!)
  • Five Steps to Maturity
    Understand the key traits essential for adulting and how to nurture them in your child.

About Us:

Charla McKinley is a retired Certified Public Accountant with 25+ years of corporate and private experience. Inspired while homeschooling her children, she created Beyond Personal Finance, an interactive curriculum aimed at showing teens the true costs of adulthood. Now retired from homeschooling, Charla’s focus is on helping teens and their parents prepare for the next season.  Charla’s husband, Matt, has come along for the ride and brings his humor, energy and unique insights.

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