7 Ways Homeschool Families Can Stand with Israel

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7 Ways Homeschool Families Can Stand with Israel

In “7 Ways Homeschool Families Can Stand with Israel,” episode #197, Meredith Curtis gives practical things homeschooling families can do to stand with Israel during this frightening time: pray, meet practical needs, combat antisemitism – do something! With so misinformation swirling around, we can also teach our children about Israel’s ancient history, Israel’s modern history, and why Israel is such an important ally in the Middle East.







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Show Notes

After the horrific invasion, brutal torture, and heinous murder of Israeli citizens by Hamas on October 7, many homeschooling families want to stand with Israel. Here are 7 ways you can show support to the nation of Israel.

If you don’t know what happened on October 7, 2023, here is a description: https://www.idf.il/en/mini-sites/hamas-israel-war-articles-videos-and-more/general-articles/what-happened-in-the-october-7th-massacre/


Prayer changes things! God hears our prayers and even commands His people in Psalm 122:7 to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Here are strategic prayers for the Israeli-Hamas Conflict – yes I know some of these will take a miracle but that’s what the Lord does!

  • Revival in the Middle East – millions turning to Jesus
  • Protection and release of all hostages taken on Oct. 7
  • Healing for all those mourning the death and kidnapping of loved ones
  • Strength for those having to see the carnage
  • Protection from daily rockets attacking Israeli cities
  • Protection for innocent Palestinians who did not leave Gaza when warned weeks ago
  • Wisdom for leadership in Israel
  • Swift Israeli victory against Hamas
  • Reconciliation between Israel and her Arab neighbors
  • Iran would have no money to support Hamas and Hezbollah
  • Hamas would not use Palestinians or hostages as human shields
  • Truth in the media
  • Israel’s Arab neighbors would no longer want Israel to stop existing, but welcome her to the Middle East – Healing

Find Out what is Happening Locally

Is there a synagogue in your area? They may be providing things for the Israeli soldiers or victims of the terrorist attack on October 7. That might be a great place to give items of clothing, blankets, or even financial gifts.

Combat Antisemitism

If you watch the news, you can hear angry chants against Jewish people in the Pro-Palestinian/Hamas demonstrations. So far, Jewish students have been verbally abused by other students (and a professor), manhandled, and threatened. We don’t want this to escalate.

My sister Julie’s text to me. We can be like Julie!

Teach Children about Ancient Israel History

If you have read the Old Testament, you know a little about the history of the Jewish people.

  • Calling of Abraham
  • Patriarchs
  • Egypt to Slavery in Egypt
  • Taking the Promised Land
  • Judges – Kings – Captivity
  • Rebuilding of Wall & Temple
  • Greeks – Kingdom of Judea – Roman Empire
  • Destruction of the Temple in 70 AD & Diaspora

Teach Children about Modern Middle East History

  • Turks – Ottoman Empire – World War I
  • Balfour Declaration
  • British Mandate
  • Creation of Jordan
  • Holocaust
  • Creation of Modern Israel – 1948

Explain to Children Why Israel is Such an Important US Ally.

  • Israel shares our values of freedom, government by the people. Israel stands at our side militarily, in trade, and technological innovation. She is one of our biggest trade partners.
  • Israel & US share intelligence & Israel helps US with security threats
  • Israel helps US learn to employ counterterrorism at home
  • Cold War to Today
  • Israel develops advanced military technology & shares with US (Iron Dome)
  • Israel is a source of wisdom and creativity when it comes to agriculture, renewable energy, water conservation, recycling, technology, and computers.
  • Israel is a free democracy in the Middle East. Their citizens enjoy their God-given freedoms – including freedom to worship (Jewish, Christian, Muslim).
  • While Arab nations deny that Israel has a right to exist and cry out “death to Israel,” all Israel wants is to live in peace. Israel only goes to war when attacked and before she attacks, she sends leaflets warning people what is coming and urging them to flee.

Take a Stand Like Corrie

  • Less than 100 years ago, a madman tried to exterminate the Jews. Hitler hated Jews. No one stopped him. What would you have done?
  • A middle-aged Dutch woman and her father and sister stood against the Nazis by taking in Jews and hiding them in a secret room. Eventually, they were arrested and sent to concentration camps. Two died and one lived. Corrie ten Boom spent the rest of her life traveling to speak on forgiveness and having a relationship with Jesus.
  • When the time came, Corrie loved truth and righteousness more than her own life. She protected the Jewish people God brought into her life.
  • All of us can do something. We can speak out. We can pray. We can call our US and state representatives and senators to stand with Israel. We can share news articles and videos on social media. We can love.

God bless you and God bless Israel.

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