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kids mini activity plannerA Kids Mini Activity Planner from Media Angels. Now parents and their children can be working on those important spiritual goals together. This free download is just for kids!

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A message to the kids about the Kids Mini Activity Planner

Hey, Kids-

Are you ready to be the best person you can be? It is a choice. It is a decision. Maybe you have never thought about growing closer to God in prayer. Or maybe you want to improve in character.

This planner will help you get started.

Have you ever thought about what you do well? How about something that is difficult or hard? These can be thoughtof as strengths and weaknesses.Some areas may be a real challenge. We all have character traits we need to work on or habits we’d like to break.

This planner will help you tackle a different area of your life each month. Our focus this month is on our spiritual growth. If you don’t like schedules try a routine. Take the time to be consistent each day.

Yes, it takes discipline and is not easy, but you be happier at the end.

I designed this planner to give you a chance to think about the most important goals. You can use this as a prayer journal with dividers in each sec/on or use a three-ring binder to contain all the pages in one place and use during the year.

If you don’t like an actvity you can do another. I hope you have fun!

To Parents: You can use this with your teens as well. What a delightul beginning to take control of our prayer life as our first step to becoming the best version of ourselves, as God designed.

~Blessing, Christina Moss

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Activities that Guarantee a Great Summer

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Activities that Guarantee a Great SummerI can’t believe that the first official day of summer was last week. Here in Georgia, it has been HOT for a couple of months now. While I love summer, sometimes I feel it throws me off my game because I am out of my routine. If you are like me, try some of these fun summer activities to spice up your day. Your kids will thank you and your evenings will be much more relaxing because they will be tired from “working” all day.


1. Bubble Station – This is one of my favorite summertime activities. In fact, I just bought all of the necessary items to take to the beach next week. The grandbabies will enjoy the bubbles soooooo much. Yes, I will post pics! 🙂



3 quarts water

2/3 cups Dawn Dish Soap

2/3 cups corn starch

2 tsp. baking powder


Mix well and put in a plastic drink dispenser. Provide unique tools such as, strawberry baskets, glasses without lens, rings around drink bottles, etc…

2.  Mud Kitchen – You can find a kitchen set for next to nothing at any thrift store. Go through your kitchen and gather old utensils, pans, measuring cups, etc… for your mud chefs. Don’t be surprised if they try and serve you mud pie for dinner. 😉


3.  Buckets of Water – This is a super easy activity that keeps children engaged! Just grab some buckets, squeegees, paint brushes and let them clean windows, the house, the car, etc…

Don’t forget to try the squirt bottle idea too. Simply fill the bottle with water and add a few drops of liquid watercolor.  Clip a large piece of paper to a fence outside and let them squirt their way to a masterpiece.

4.  Scavenger Hunts – Pick any five items and have them go on a hunt. This can be nature items, items at the house or even items in the store.

Backyard Scavenger Hunt

****Used with permission from A Year of Playing Skillfully by Kathy Lee and Lesli Richards****

5.  Bath Tub Fun – Let’s be honest, some days are just tooooo hot to be outside, even with water. On those days, have your kids grab their bathing suit and get in the tub. Offer them colored water to mix, shaving cream with liquid water coloring and paintbrushes or even whipping cream. Simply “swimming” in the tub is fun, too!

The main thing is to give your children permission to be children.

All of these activities can be found the following books:

101 Easy Wacky Crazy Activities by Kathy Lee and Carole Dibble

The Homegrown Preschoolers by Kathy Lee and Lesli Richards

A Year of Playing Skillfully by Kathy Lee and Lesli Richards


Find a way to #sayyes today.

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