Doing Ministry With Your Kids Along – MBFLP 185

Are you in ministry, or do think you might be called into some kind of Christian service, but have mixed feelings and doubts about the role of your kids? How do you do Kingdom work with little ones in tow? Is it even possible? We’d suggest that not only is it possible, sometimes having your family along enhances your ministry.  This episode we look at ways to approach ministry, from Saturday volunteering up to full-time vocational service, when you’ve got children along.

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The Real Kingdom and the Counterfeit

The Real Kingdom and The Counterfeit with Meredith Curtis, Podcast #050, is a tale of two kingdoms. The Kingdom of God, established by the Lord, will last forever. In opposition is the kingdom of darkness who reign is doomed. Take a trip back in time to the Tower of Babel to discover some recognizable patterns that have been repeated throughout history in a futile attempt to undermine the Lordship of Jesus Christ. You will never see history the same again.