HSHSP Ep 112: Adapting to Unexpected Changes for Your Homeschool Family

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This week on HSHSP Ep 112: Adapting to Unexpected Changes for Your Homeschool Family.

HSHSP Ep 112 Adapting to Unexpected Changes for Your Homeschool Family

HSHSP Ep 112: Adapting to Unexpected Changes for Your Homeschool Family

Sabrina and Kym have allergies. Life happens. Not a very big happening but it does have an impact.

But sometimes life happens and it is more serious or time consuming than an allergy attack.

  • A family move
  • Your oldest graduating and moving out on their own
  • Starting a business
  • Grandparents moving in
  • A new baby
  • A big opportunity for one of the homeschoolers
  • A divorce or death in the family
  • Some things are life shattering, some are so very positive!

Whatever the change, change happens and new systems must be devised and put into place in your homeschool.

Look at your schedule. What are your deal breakers (what will save mom’s sanity because she’s the one who *drives the boat*)?

There’s not ONE right deal breaker but some we’ve seen are:

  • No matter what, we are getting math done.
  • No matter what, we are having supper together.
  • No matter what, we are getting reading done.
  • No matter what, we are getting to co-op.

Beware, though, of sacred cows. They are not actually deal breakers…we just can fall into thinking they are:

  • Homeschool co-op (especially a high stress co-op)
    • If you need a break, politely explain that you need to withdraw for the year.
  • Family devotions
    • We all love devotions but maybe there might be other formats to have spiritual formation during a big life-change time.
  • Mom teaching every subject
    • Do you need to revamp? Farm out a kid for a subject? Get an online course?

Remember this: Difficulty brings opportunity.

  • What is the opportunity that God is inviting you and your family to?
  • What do you need to do for self-care at this time? And your family’s self-care?
  • What do your teens need to step up for?

SO always:

  • Pray
  • Ask what is a deal-breaker or a sacred cow?
  • Involve your teens in the planning, decision-making and tweaking process?

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HSHSP Ep 112: Adapting to Unexpected Changes for Your Homeschool Family

HSHSP Ep 46: When Life Happens

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

HSHSP Ep 46 When Life HappensHSHSP Ep 46: When Life Happens

Homeschooling highschool is full of ups and downs, beautiful moments and tough.

How do you handle schooling when life happens?

*Wrong curriculum happens

*Chronic illness happens

*Accident happens

*Depression or anxiety happens

*Financial stress happens

*New business endeavors or parent careers happen

Join Sabrina, Vicki and Kym for a real-life, real-honest, and real-helpful discussion of schooling when life happens.

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Why are You Here?

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

We’ve all been made for a purpose, right? But what is that purpose? What if we are very unhappy with that purpose? Let’s face it, sometimes we are discontent. I want to discuss that, but first let’s look at a few questions. These aren’t easy, and for some it takes a lifetime to discern and discover.

First, look around you. Are you happy with your purpose? Do you know why you’ve been created? Do you realize your life purpose?

Why are you hereWhy are you here?

Are you sighing in contentment because everything is going well, or are you frustrated because nothing is going right–at least nothing you’d like to see done today? That is part of the problem. Our expectations are often way beyond what is possible in one day. I know this from experience.

On Monday, for example, I wanted to finish wrapping five presents, go to a local warehouse and buy some essentials, and read four papers my children have waiting for me to evaluate for Literature and History. At noon that day, I was set to host an episode of Vintage Homeschool Moms with two of the show hosts (Carol Topp & Meredith Curtis).

Instead, I had to cancel the show due to a family emergency.

Life happens. Well-laid plans get changed. Reality sets in and we need to adjust.

My youngest grandson caught his hand in a window and was rushed to the hospital. (Miraculously, only stitches and no broken bones–thank you, Jesus!)

Instead of my plans, I had four grandkids at my house all day with lots of energy!

They helped me wrap some presents (you should see them!) and that was the only thing that was on the “list” that was completed that day. I cancelled the radio show (thank you Meredith and Carol for being so understanding) and we baked cookies, played outdoors, and had a blast. We had lunch and cleaned up, did a craft from a free Printable that had a Christmas theme, and watched part of a movie. No radio show. No shopping. No grading papers.

Life happens.

This holiday season, so many things are calling on my attention. These delays remind me that only the Lord is truly in control of my day. By giving it to Him each morning I’m freed from what I have to do and understand that only what He wants to see done will be complete.

Why was I content on Monday? Because I didn’t have time to be discontent. I had so much more to do than was on my list, but then, we all do. We have those things that must get done as well as those we hope to complete. If we wallow in “what could have happened,” that is when discontent sets in. One day at a time!

I am here to serve, however the Lord wants me to serve this day. I am here to be available to my husband, my children, my extended family, or my grandchildren. The Lord has given me talents – and I will use them as I am able and as He directs. However, when I realize my time is HIS time I am freed from obligations and guilt. Stress is often self-imposed and comes from the time to think and worry. Giving my time to the Lord really is freeing!

Why are you here?