My Spouse Doesn’t Want Me To Homeschool – HIRL Episode 59

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Free homeschool podcast discussing what to do when your spouse doesn't want to homeschool.We love to sit down in the studio and discuss the questions sent in from listeners. On this episode of Homeschooling in Real Life, Fletch and Kendra we respond to a listener who asked how she can homeschool when her non-supportive spouse is skeptical and negative about her efforts.

Here’s the deal: we don’t have the answers and there are no magic bullets out there, but that does not stop us from tackling this very difficult topic. This was the perfect question to get us thinking and working our thoughts outloud for our listenters.  Tune in and give a listen as we answer in a way that provides both the practical and the hopeful. We really think you’ll be encouraged to seek God and listen for what He has in store for your family.

:53– Introduction
9:10 – Part One
25:10 – Part Two

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