Halloween and the Reformation

Halloween and the Reformation

Halloween and the Reformation

Halloween and the Reformation may not seem to have much in common. What does Halloween have to do with the Reformation? In this episode listen as you learn about Halloween alternatives.

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Among the secular holidays, Halloween probably is the most controversial … with good reason. Is it just a festival of candy for children in costume, or a throwback to Druidic rites and demonic celebration, or something in between? This episode we talk about how we’ve chosen to mark the season, and its connection with the Reformation that swept Europe in the 1500’s – with effects to this day. In this way, our children enjoy a celebration. A celebration of something we can believe in!


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MBFLP 99 – Author Danika Cooley and Her New Luther Biography

MBFLP - Danika Cooley and Martin Luther

This episode we talk with Danika Cooley, author of the Bible Roadtrip curriculum and the upcoming (November 1) biography of Martin Luther, When Lightning Struck. This historical novel aimed at young adult readers relates the story of a young man searching for peace with God, and by his courageous stand for the truth of the Bible, changed the course of both Church history and politics around the world!

MBFLP – Celebrating Reformation Day

MBFLP Reformation Day

On October 31, 1517, a young theologian and priest named Martin Luther posted a list of debate questions on the door of the university church in Wittemburg, Germany. What was intended as a invitation for scholars and theologians to meet and consider, became the starting point of a sweeping reformation of Christ’s church – and led to a life-and-death decision for the young Brother Martin. Our family takes time each year to remember the heroism of one man who stood up for the authority of God’s word against the challenge of an emperor, when that stand could have cost his life! Join us as we talk about our family’s celebration of Reformation Day.