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Breakthroughs in Learning  –BreakThroughsINLearning_SpotLight

In this episode Felice Gerwitz interviews Pauline Turton, the Founder and Owner of Breakthroughs in Learning. She will share how she began the company as well as the benefits of this amazing program. Pauline and her family live in Canada.

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Breakthroughs in Learning 

Featured sponsor is Breakthroughs in learning and a special program they’ve launched called – “The Spacewalk”–which is a neuro-developmental activity that involves a series of movements in a clearly laid out pattern. The child is required to hop, jump and skip— and througAbout Pauline:h many years of success with this method – Breakthroughs in Learning has found it improves the areas the brain responsible for memory, focus, attention and coordination, among many other skills. This is an effective tool to help start a busy day of learning, and is also a wonderful activity to enjoy as a family.

The Spacewalk

The Spacewalk actually targets and develops specific areas of the brain to prepare the brain for learning – it’s available via DVD for homeschool families – and it allows the parent easy access to this proven method – for more information visit

About Pauline:

Pauline Turton is the Founder & Director of Breakthroughs In Learning. Her teaching experience and work in psychiatry prompted her to research the brain’s restorative capabilities. Pauline is the mother of two sons who have overcome significant learning challenges. After years of research, she built Breakthroughs in Learning to provide hope and help through educational therapy. (Pauline homeschooled her sons up until high school.)