Mentorship and Lifeschooling – Craig and Deana Thompson

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Mentorship and Lifeschooling - Craig and Deana Thompson

One of the most inspiring and impactful ways to help educate our children is through mentorship. On this episode of Life as a Lifeschooler, I had the opportunity to talk with Craig and Deana Thompson, who have helped each of their children through an intense and amazing mentorship program that Craig designed for them.

Craig and Deana reside in Tennessee. Craig is the owner of an internet company and is the editor of Preaching through Proverbs and is also currently writing a mentoring curriculum and related books. Craig and Deana have successfully graduated two children and are currently homeschooling four. They believe in a global education for their children and have participated in numerous mission trips throughout the world, both before and after having their children.

Here are some of the questions I asked Craig and Deana on this episode:

  • Craig, I met you at Rhea Perry’s Educating for Success conference and we didn’t get to talk much, but I was just so impressed with your daughter, who was actually one of the speakers that year. She gave an amazing presentation about her year of mentorship that you set up for her, and I just remember being blown away by her level of maturity and her ability to engage the audience at her young age.
  • I know she attributed much of her personal growth and maturity to the mentorship program you created. Tell us more about that.
  • What was your purpose in creating this program and who do you think it’s suited for?
  • Did you always homeschool this way? Tell us a bit about your homeschooling/lifeschooling journey.
  • Deana, how did you fit this mentorship program in with the homeschooling that you were already doing?
  • As you know, the definition of lifeschooling is “the individualized process of discovering your child’s God-given gifts and talents primarily through real life experiences that happen within the context of your family’s unique situations and missions.” Is there a part of that definition that particularly speaks to you and share with us a bit more about how your family lifeschools?
  • What are some of the gifts that you have seen in your children and how did mentorship help with the development of those gifts?

You can purchase Craig’s mentorship program at and you can see some of his daughter’s videos on her mentorship experiences at

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