Best Marriage Tips

BestMarriageTipsLet’s Talk About Marriage – Best Marriage Tips!  

with your host Felice Gerwitz

Oh, great! Another know-it-all podcaster trying to tell you how to make your marriage work! Well, I have 35 years under my belt – I’m no expert, but I’m a hard-headed, first generation Italian, New Yorker, married to a German-Irish-American! It has taken years of give-and-take to make our marriage great. And, I wanted to ask some others who have been married for years to chime in with their tips! This podcast contains advice from Carol Topp: Dollars & Sense Radio ; Hal & Melanie Young: Making Biblical Family Life Practical; Meredith Curtis: Finish Well Radio ; Andy & Kendra Fletcher: HomeschoolingIRL 

Show Notes:

Scriptures to Study in Regard to Marriage:

Genesis 2:22-24

Proverbs: Some I love!! Proverbs: 5:18-19 ; 20:6-7; 30:18-19; 31:10

Matthew: 19:4-6

1-Corinthians: 7:1-6

Mark: 10:6-9

Ephesians: 5:22-33


Test – Learn Your Love Language

Recommended Books:
The Bible!

Book on Love Languages:

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Advice and Tips:

Jeff Gerwitz: Keep Communication and Smooch Them Often!

Felice Gerwitz: Don’t go to bed angry: A. You both agree to solve your issues before bed — B. Understand the resolution will be a compromise for Both of You! and If you love giving gifts – A. Don’t expect anything in return and B. Accept gifts graciously

Carol Topp: One key to marriage success is to set aside time each day to catch up, even if it’s just 10 minutes. A co-worker gave me this advice over 20 years ago and he was right! My show BTW my husband and I had our 30th Anniversary this year.

Hal Young: When God created marriage, the very first reason the Bible gives is companionship – “It is not good that the man should be alone,” God said (Genesis 2:18). We should make it our goal to make our mate our best friend as well as our spouse. That takes time and commitment, but don’t we know how to keep up a friendship? Why not use the same relationship skills in our marriage? Their show, Making Biblical Family Life Practical and you can find it on this network  – here is an easy way to find them –( and they wrote a wonderful book on marriage “My Beloved and My Friend: How To Be Married to Your Best Friend Without Changing Spouses.” (

Meredith Ludwig Curtis: Another Mom with a large family, who has a show on this network specifically for teens and that is Finish Well Radio – – she is married to a Pastor and says, “A key to marriage success: Put Jesus first! Serve Him together! Love Him together! Raise godly children together! Change the world together!”

Andy Fletcher: We were given two pieces of advice. The first was very simple: Outserve one another. If you make it your goal to out serve your spouse, you will be in the right mindset. The second piece of advice was just silly: … you’ll have to listen to their podcast to find out! Catch their show on homeschooling and marriage,  What Homeschooling Does to Marriage

Vintage HS Moms – New Year New Focus

Every First Monday of the Month join Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz at noon.

Every First Monday of the Month join Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz at noon.

Meredith Curtis & Felice Gerwitz

Join Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz monthly for Lunch with Meredith and Felice the first Monday of each month. This month Meredith and Felice cover three important goals each have set for their well-being. If you are a Christian wife, mother and a homeschooler you will benefit from this session.

Here is a printable for you to hold onto or take notes on as you listen to today’s session. NewYear_NewFocus_LunchwithMeredith&Felice

Hassle Free Holiday Strategy


Holiday_IconMarnie Swedberg & Felice Gerwitz

Marnie is the queen of getting things done in small spaces of time! This is one lady that is a dear friend and I can NOT wait until you meet her. Marnie was a homeschool mom and her kids are grown up! She is a Christian keynote speaker anywhere God leads. Check her out at
Handout Here: Marnie

Marnie’s Boot camp with her free downloadable balance wheel! HERE

Jesus IS the Reason for the Season

Every First Monday of the Month join Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz at noon.

Every First Monday of the Month join Meredith Curtis and Felice Gerwitz at noon.

Meredith Curtis & Felice Gerwitz

Keeping Christ the center and focus of a holiday celebration can be very difficult in this commercial and media saturated society. However, Meredith and Felice share ways they celebrate Christmas keeping Christ in the center. Lots of great ideas and ways to keep your family joyous without breaking the bank!

Here is a handout along with a free printable to hang on your wall! JOY

Click on the graphic to make it large then download to your computer!!

5-Steps to Guarantee Thanksgiving Before It’s Too Late

Today I won't complain

Could it be too late?

Are you so bogged down that the thought of being thankful really takes a herculean effort? Wouldn’t it be truly wonderful if we could print out this poster and daily pledge to keep the promises, and just do it?

But, let’s face it real life gets in the way. In fairness real life gets in the way 80% of the time. There is so much to handle on a daily basis that without a real effort on our part we’d be in a heap in a corner somewhere. Yet, it is not too late! There is still that 20% of the time, right? What we need is a plan.

A Mommy S.O.S. intervention plan.

I spent a delightful hour with Meredith Curtis a good friend of mine on the “Lunch with Meredith and Felice” session of the Vintage Homeshool Moms. I asked Meredith to send me five points (the day before) she would like to use as encouragement for families to “guarantee” a spirit of thanksgiving. We both have extremely busy households. Meredith has both adult and teen children living at her home. Her husband is a pastor and she is a homeschool mom that teaches at a co-op, an author and is in the midst of planning her Finish Well Conference in Orlando Florida, in January for teens and their parents.

I on the other hand have three teens left at home with homeschooling needs. I run a publishing business, this website, and help my husband with his home inspection and construction business. My dad lives with us and so does my oldest son. Yes… I’m exhausted writing all of this out! So, how do Meredith and I maintain a thankful heart and spirit, daily? First, by the grace of God in prayer but also with a plan to purpose to thank Him.

Our topic was Five Steps to Guarantee Thanksgiving.

The Holy Spirit leads our conversations and this past week’s session it was no surprise that each of our five points seemed to dovetail and fit so perfectly. Doing any one of these suggestions is guaranteed to give you an attitude check. You can listen to the audio here, and print out the printable complete with poster here listing each of our five points.

So? What is the problem? Life.

I learn that while I have an amazing arsenal of ideas life gets in the way. It is difficult to be thankful when I need to pay bills or I have to take my son to the orthodontist today instead of finishing a lesson in Biology. You know when my plans are interrupted by the daily to-do list of life! These things tend to annoy me and I play right into the hands of the enemy. I begin to be discontent, annoyed and grumble. Not always outwardly but in my mind and to my Lord.

I’ve parented long enough to know that my children learn best through my actions. It is what I DON’T say that they learn rather quickly rather than what I SAY to do! My actions are absorbed into their being and that is why parents say things like, “My kids pick up all my bad habits.” Why? Because we model them so well and so often. We need to model the good habits and then we will see the results.

I praise God for a parking spot at the grocery store, thank him for allowing me to find the last shoe in my size, pants on sale for my daughter (that fit and were appropriate!). or a shoes on the sale rack that was 1/3 the price of all the others for my son. My children in turn praise God for little and big blessings as well. What a legacy! We detail more in the audio so I won’t repeat it all here but do know your are not alone. While both Meredith and I may have a bit more on our to-do lists than most families we still want to server our families as best we can. And do this while giving Him all the thanks, glory and praise.

Share one something you do to give thanks in the face of adversity… or anytime.

Finish Well Radio

Join the Finish Well Team Mondays at 7 p.m. ET  2 x per month as they talk about real issues that teens face each day. We want to grow in Christ together, prepare for life after graduation, and live lives that glorify Jesus.

Shows typically air live the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. Schedule may change so please subscribe to the email updates.

Show Host Spotlight – Founder Felice Gerwitz

Show Host Button 6 250 Meredith Curtis, puts homeschool mom, speaker-author-publisher, and website owner, Felice Gerwitz in the spot light. Felice created this podcast network and is the owner of Media Angels, Inc.  Foremost is her love for God, her husband, Jeff (celebrated 34 years this year) and her children and grandchildren.

Felice shares her excitement about the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network and her vision of growth, with sponsor promotions which allows the entire podcast to come to the audience live or on-demand for free! Felice will personally host this show, Ultimate Homeschool Radio Show, Vintage Homeschool Moms, Mommy Jammies Night and is moderator of Current Issues & The Constitution.

Meredith Curtis is a homeschool mom who moderates the Finish Well Radio Show for teens. She co-hosts, “Lunch with Meredith and Felice” the first Monday of the month at noon eastern time with Felice. More about Meredith here.

Felice Gerwitz is the founder of Media Angels and the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. She lives in Florida with her husband, four of her five children, her 83 year old father, and one dog on 2.5 acres. She can be found on a softball or baseball field somewhere in Florida during any given weekend. She loves to write, and mentor moms around the world, all from the comfort of her home-office.


Vintage HS Moms – Joyful Homeschooling

Meredith & Felice share tips for joyful homeschooling. Pointers are given to help you instill joy in your school day. Tough topics such as special needs, chronic illness and kids who are unhappy no matter what mom does.

FW Radio – Heroes for Jesus


An interview with Polycarp, David Livingston, Amy Carmichael, St. Augustine, Nate Saint, Corrie ten Boom, and Mary Slessor.

Travel back in time with the Finish Well team and meet some heroes from ages past. They will share a little bit about their life and give a word of encouragement to the church in the twenty-first century. At the end of the show, we will travel back to modern times and learn how these heroes have affected Christians of today. This would make a great presentation at your Fall Festival or Heroes for Jesus party.

Read more about the Finish Well Team at:

FW Radio – Where Did My Day Go?


An interview with Joshua Nolette, Jimmy Curtis, Linnea Brooks, and Sarah Joy Curtis

We talk to four homeschoolers on the Finish Well team about the challenges of managing time while homeschooling, even in a big noisy family. They share practical tips and ways to put Jesus first in everything, including managing your day.

Read more about the Finish Well Team at: