Moving and Creating with Minecraft Earth

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Minecraft Earth Review

Episode 101: Moving and Creating with Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is an augmented reality app that could be described as a cross between Minecraft and Pokemon GO. It gets students moving because they have to move to collect resources and it gets them creating as they build their own worlds.

Students can not only build, but can also participate in Adventures and take on Challenges. As they progress through the game they accumulate points and level up. Leveling up as well as completing challenges earns rewards.

Students can take items they collect and can either use them as is or, turn them into something else by selecting the “make stuff” option and completing a recipe.

I have also just played alone, but there is also the option of playing with friends.

The app is free and available in the App Store and Google Play Store

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Minecraft Earth Review

Destination:Inspiration Episode # 006: YES! you can Homeschool with a Traveling Dad

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