Teaching Your Kids to Deal With Failure – MBFLP 129

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Teaching Kids to Cope with Failure

We can expect life to have disappointments, setbacks, and downright failures – even the best of lives in a fallen world! Adults usually realize they have to be able to take some bad news, learn what they can, repent where they should, and move along. But how about our kids? In their flexible, family-centered, affirming world, are they equipped to handle the realities of a hostile grown-up society? Isn’t it important that we teach them a God-honoring perspective on the inevitable bumps and hard knocks to come? This episode, we look at the importance of challenging our kids to learn from their mistakes — and even, maybe, to challenge them enough to overcome early perfectionism!

Parenting Blind Spots That Put Your Homeschool Family at Risk

A Production of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Could you have some parenting blind spots that put your homeschool family at risk? Reb Bradley will inspire you in this podcast.

Could you have some blind spots in your parenting? If you're a homeschooler, this podcast is a must-listen, but every parent can benefit.

I have helped other people parent their children, but that didn’t keep me from having blind spots in my parenting — blind spots that did put our homeschool family at risk. I thank God for opening my eyes to the truth and using the wisdom of Reb Bradley to make it less painful.

You’ll want to listen to learn:

  • Why some homeschoolers may be predisposed to parenting blind spots
  • What blind spot parents of young children are most likely to have
  • What you can do to quickly turn your home around
  • How you should speak to teens, and more

Resources mentioned in this podcast

FamilyMinistries.com – ministry website where you can purchase Parenting Teens with the Wisdom of Solomon, Child Training Tips, and much more

RebBradley.net – political commentary

Solving the Crisis in Homeschooling – mp3 of this message

Ultimate Husband – a site for Christian men that is life-changing, with a free MP3 on understanding a woman’s mind

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