Just Be Mom!

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Just be mom

Just Be Mom!

Single Moms: Don’t Try to Be Dad

Just be mom, I know you can do it even if it seems hard. Single moms try to do it all. As a single mom I have a lot on my plate. In the beginning I felt like I needed to be both mom and dad to my boys. So I drove myself crazy trying to fill both roles. I ended up tired, cranky and miserable and I was failing. The truth is that if God meant for me to be a dad to my boys I would’ve been born a boy.

Just Be Mom! – be encouraged!

In this podcast I’m encouraging other moms (single and married) to stop trying to be something that God never intended for us. God wanted us to just be mom. Focus on being a mom and be the best mom that you can be with God’s help.

Be encouraged. Be strong. Know you are not alone. Single Moms rock!

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