Hitting Reset in 2018

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I am still blown away that it is 2018! I was just texting a friend that I met back in 1988 during a summer mission trip to Daytona Beach Florida. Thirty years… what? How has it been thirty years since that magnificent summer? Okay, I digress. Back to the show.


This week I wanted to talk about the need to RESET before we take on this New Year. If you are like me, there were some unmet goals n 2017 and the holidays have turned my fairly routine life into chaos and clutter. How do we get back on track in 2018?  Here are my thoughts…


  1. R – Remember how far we’ve come.
  2. E – Evaluate 2017, honestly. What can we learn from our mistakes?  I shared that one of my mistakes in 2017 was not caring for my health as I should. I mentioned a new program I have started called Plant Paradox. You can read more about Dr. Gundry and his program at http://drgundry.com/

the Plant Paradox



  1. S – Stay Focused. I start off focused, but tend to fade as the year goes on. Staying focused can keep us from making some of the same mistakes this year.
  2. E – Expectations. This one gets me. UNREALISTIC expectations ruin relationships. Don’t expect something of someone without talking to him or her about it first. That goes for your friends, your spouse, and your kids.
  3. T – Take time to reflect, plan, be alone and move forward.



With a little effort we can RESET our homes, our minds, our schedules. Take some time to be still and be honest with yourself. Set some goals, set a routine, and move forward. You’ve got this!!!




Find a way to #sayyes today.

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