HSHSP Ep 40: New Years UNresolutions

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HSHSP Ep 40: New Years UNresolutions

HSHSP Ep 40 New Years UNresolutions

Homeschool moms and highschoolers:

Guilt gotcha every January? About 3 weeks in the New Years resolutions gone caput?

How about UNresolutions this year?

Unresolutions are ways to start fresh, do-over, try new things without the pressure of a resolutions you know you’ll break.

Mom say things like:

*”My kids will never be behind in math this year.”

*”My house will always be organized.”

Teens say things like:

*”I will always have a good attitude.”

*”I’ll get my research paper done in 2 weeks.”

UNrealistic resolutions don’t get results! Let’s try some UNresolutions!

Join Sabrina, Kym and Vicki for some fresh ideas about fresh starts!

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