Teens Take Charge of Your Health! … for high school credit!

Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #167, Teens Take Charge of Your Health! … for high school credit!, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Teens Take Charge of Your Health! … for high school credit!

In “Teens Take Charge of Your Health! … for high school credit,” Episode, #167, Meredith Curtis shares practical things to include in your teen’s health class that will motivate healthy lifestyle changes. Teens can do health as an independent study if they want to start adding healthier habits to their lives. Or parents can create a health class that is practical and helpful. Healthy nutrition, exercise, hygiene, sleep, and relationship habits can start now and last a lifetime.


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Show Notes

I started 2 habits related to health in high school – 1 good and 1 bad


What nutrients does your body really need? What is the best way to get it?


What are the 4 kinds of exercises teens need? What is the funnest way to do them?

Sleep & Fresh Air

Teens need more sleep – why? Why does fresh air matter?

Avoiding Sickness

Simple investments to avoid sickness –-> huge dividends

Personal Hygeine

Body odor, acne, shaving, and clothing all matter for teens.

Healthy Communication & Relationships

Communication and relational skills called soft skills – make a huge difference in the 21st century.

Sexual Purity

How on earth can teens stay pure in a seductive world?


Common addictions among teens and how to find freedom.

How To Keep Growing in their Relationship with God

Silver, Kit Carson, Carson City, Virginia City

Silver and gold mining, mining towns, ghost towns, Kit Carson, mountain men, capital, capitol, desert

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