Online Olympic Resources for Homeschoolers

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Online Olympic Resources for Homeschoolers


282:  Online Olympic Resources for Homeschoolers

Here are several online Olympic resources that will help you extend the excitement of the games into educational opportunities for your children. From interactive apps and science videos to music lessons and virtual museum tours, we’ve got a variety of tools to make the most of the Olympic season in your homeschooling journey.

Key Resources Discussed:

  1. Official Olympics App – Free, provides schedules and update
  2. 15-minute Music Lesson on Olympic Music (from Music in Our Homeschool)
    • Free printable download available that goes along with the lesson
  3. Science of the Summer Olympics: Engineering and Sports
    • Nine educational videos on various Olympic topics
  4. Fan School
    • Free Olympics prediction game
    • Opportunity for kids to write articles
  5. Olympic Bingo Board
    • Available from FundaFunda Academy for $0.99
  6. FundaFunda Academy’s Mini Unit Study on Olympic History and Culture
    • Web-based, $5, covers both summer and winter Olympics
  7. Literary Adventures for Kids – Online Book Club
    • “The Boys in the Boat” – Middle school and high school versions available
  8. Olympic Museum Online Resources
    • Virtual 360 tours of the Olympic Museum
    • Various PDFs and educational materials available

Additional Tips:

  • Use videos on EdPuzzle for ad-free video watching with embedded questions
  • This blog post has some more ideas and a giveaway for the mini unit study

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