Resources for Struggling Students, Interview with Cheryl Carter

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This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Resources for Struggling Students, Interview with Cheryl Carter.

Resources for Struggling Students, Interview with Cheryl Carter

Resources for Struggling Students, Interview with Cheryl Carter

When looking for fantastic resources for homeschooling high school students, it can be a hit or miss situation at times. For this reason – but many more reasons – we are so excited we share with you all about The Capable Scholar by founder Cheryl Carter! Cheryl shares her expertise and insights on supporting struggling learners, building confidence, and preparing students for college and beyond. Let’s explore the world of The Capable Scholar and discover how it can empower your homeschooling journey, along with learning about some fantastic resources for struggling students!

About Cheryl Carter

Cheryl Carter is a seasoned homeschooling parent with five children, two of whom have already successfully completed their homeschooling journey and achieved impressive academic milestones, with another in graduate school, and her younger two twins currently in their teens. 

In addition, Cheryl is one of our 7SistersHomeschool Cousins. These are homeschooling good friends who offer resources and/or support that we can trust. You can see what they  have to offer on 7Sisters’ Stuff We Like page.

With a background in special education and as a college professor, Cheryl has dedicated her career to helping struggling students excel in their studies. Her passion for empowering students with learning differences led her to create The Capable Scholar.

The Capable Scholar is a comprehensive resource that focuses on helping students with learning differences, disabilities, and those who simply struggle academically. Cheryl believes that every student is capable of success and aims to instill confidence and a love for learning in each student she works with. 

About The Capable Scholar

The Capable Scholar offers a range of resources, including a writing curriculum, Outschool classes, personalized support, and even opportunities for students to get published.

One unique aspect of Cheryl’s approach is teaching grammar through the students’ own writing. She’s found that students with learning differences thrive when they can apply grammar rules to their own work. 

In fact, some of her students have even gone on to get their work published, building impressive portfolios for college admissions.

It’s important to note, however, that The Capable Scholar is not just for students with formal diagnoses or IEPs. If you are a parent who knows your child is struggling, even without a specific label, she’s here to help. Whether it’s writing or math, Cheryl can provide the best strategies and approaches to ensure your student’s success. 

On The Capable Scholar, you’ll find Cheryl’s writing curriculum, which covers grades 6 to 12, and even extends into the first year of college. It’s designed to build confidence and provide the necessary skills for college-level writing.

Additional Resources for Struggling Students

In addition to using the writing curriculum at The Capable Scholar, Cheryl recommends focusing on English, math, history, and science. 

For English, the Grammar Review inside The Capable Scholar is a great resource that covers all the essentials. 

When it comes to math, she suggests using a college remedial algebra book like Martha Liao’s or the Life with Fred series. These resources ensure your student masters the necessary algebra skills for college.

For history and science, she highly recommends exploring the CLEP exams. They offer a less stressful alternative to traditional exams like the ACT or SAT, which can be overwhelming for students with anxiety. Modern States and 7Sisters have excellent resources for CLEP preparation.

One final tip for resources is to use checklists to keep track of what your student needs to accomplish. This helps them see their progress and builds their confidence. 

And remember, it’s never too late to fill in any gaps in their learning. There are programs available, like the REWARDS program, that can help students of all ages master essential skills.

Resources for Struggling Students- Interview with Cheryl Carter

It’s important for parents to remember that they do not have to do everything exactly like a traditional school or other homeschoolers. Homeschooling your teens is about finding what works best for your student and providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Every student is unique, and it’s crucial to tailor their education to their specific needs. 

It’s all about believing in your students and helping them believe in themselves. 

Connect with Cheryl

You can find more information and access Cheryl’s resources on The Capable Scholar website. BTW- Cheryl also helps college-prep teens with their writing skills. She shares her advice for college preparation that should be done now with us at 7Sisters.

And remember, you are not alone on this homeschooling journey. We are here to support you every step of the way!

For more resources for struggling learners:

Thank you to Seth Tillman for editing this podcast and to Richie Soares with Homeschool & Humor for writing this blog post!


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