My Favorite Founding Mothers & Fathers

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #138, My Favorite Founding Mothers & Fathers, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

My Favorite Founding Mothers & Fathers

In “My Favorite Founding Mothers & Fathers,” Episode, #138, Meredith Curtis introduces you to the Christian Freedom Fighters of old. The American Revolution was won by freedom-loving patriots who resisted tyranny after decades of patient negotiating. They worked hard, loved their families, read their Bibles, went to church, and poured their lives into a cause bigger than themselves. Are you ready to meet a few of these amazing men and women?



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Show Notes

The American Revolution was won by freedom-loving patriots who resisted tyranny after decades of patient negotiating. They worked hard, loved their families, read their Bibles went to church, and poured their lives into a cause bigger than themselves. Let’s meet just a few of these amazing men and women.

First the Founding Mothers.

Abigail Adams

Wife of Founding Father John Adams, Abigail influenced her husband with wise counsel throughout his political career through letters and conversations. She took an active role in politics at her husband’s side.

Martha Washington

She was married to Founding Father George Washington. Though she was very shy, Martha was a lovely hostess and homemaker. She visited her husband during the Revolutionary War and served at his side in politics. First First Lady!

Eliza Lucas Pinckney

A botanist, Eliza experimented with growing indigo in South Carolina and shared her research with other farmers. Eliza’s husband and sons were all involved in the American Revolution.

Mary Ludwig Hays

Molly Pitcher brought water to the soldiers and fought beside her husband in the Battle of Monmouth.

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

Deeply devoted to Jesus and married to Alexander Hamilton who she helped with his political writings, Mrs. Hamilton spend the remaining years of her life after Alexander died, directing an orphanage.

Dolley Madison

A bubbly extrovert, Dolley married the shy James Madison and helped to make her husband popular. She saved artwork and furnishings when the British burned the White House down during the War of 1812.

Now for the Founding Fathers.

Patrick Henry

Fiery speaker, governor of Virginia, US Representative, and father of 17 children, Patrick was a devout follower of Jesus Christ. He is considered the Father of the Bill of Rights and is remembered for his persuasive “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech.

George Washington

Remembered as General Washington and President Washington, yet his favorite roles were as husband, father, grandfather, and farmer at his beloved Mt. Vernon. He experienced God’s incredible protection in battle.

John Hancock

A business owner who became involved with Sam Adams and then the Sons of Liberty. He served in the First Continental Congress and as President of the Second Continental Congress. He served as governor of Massachusetts for nine terms, but is remembered best for his fancy signature at the bottom of the Declaration of Independence.

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams was a fire ball with strong opinions about liberty. He served in the First Continental Congress, helped to draft the Articles of Confederation, and served in Massachusetts as President of MA Senate, Lt. Governor, and Governor.

John Quincy Adams

John served his famous father during the American Revolution starting at age 14. He spent his entire life serving the brand new USA as Minister to the Netherlands, Senator, Secretary of State, and President. After his term as President, he served as a Representative in the US Congress until his death.

Richard Henry Lee

On July 2, 1776, Richard Henry Lee challenged the Second Continental Congress to declare itself free from England. He served in the House of Burgesses in Virginia, was the first President of the USA under the Articles of Confederation, and championed the Bill of Rights as a US Senator from Virginia.


I hope I have whet your appetite to learn more about these and other American Revolution heroes.

God bless you and God bless the USA.


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Raise Teens Who Love America

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Finish Well Homeschool Podcast, Podcast #128, How to Raise Teens Who Love America, with Meredith Curtis on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

Raise Teens Who Love America

In “Raise Teens Who Love America,” Episode, #128, Meredith Curtis urges you to be proactive in raising freedom-loving young people. It’s so easy to take freedom for granted until you lose it. America has been a beacon of freedom and hope to the entire world for centuries, but do our children and teenagers appreciate their heritage? You can raise children and teens who are enthusiastic, yet realistic about the United States of America



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Show Notes

Diego “I Love America”


Cubans risking their lives to get here

Time in Germany (“We are all watching”)

Our Christian Heritage

Puritans, Pilgrims, and the Great Awakening

The influence of Jesus and the Word of God

Learn to look at history in light of national and world culture (e.g. cursing, sexual immorality, slavery, taxes, role of women)


Based on Bible

God as Law-Giver, Judge, and King

Federalists & Anti-Federalists

Read/Discuss Constitution

Read/Discuss Bill of Rights

Meet the Founding Fathers

Freedom from Slavery

Christians Against Slavery

Both sides of the ocean—Wilberforce, Beechers

Underground Railroad


Melting Pot

Ellis Island to Interwoven in the fabric of life

Horatio Algiers and the Rags to Riches Tales

Freedom in Education

Freedom vs. Government Nannies

Giving opportunities to experience freedom, taxation, entrepreneurships

Read biographies of brave freedom-lovers

Raising Patriots

Biographies (Cotton Mather, William Bradford, John Winthrop, Jonathan Edwards, George Washington, John Hancock, Samuel Adams, John Quincy Adams, Patrick Henry, Paul Revere, Daniel Webster, Charles Finney, Jedidiah Smith, Davy Crockett, Marcus & Narcissa Whitman, Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, Lew Wallace, Booker T. Washington, Washington Carver, Calvin Coolidge, John D. Rockefeller, D.L. Moody, Billy Sunday, John Wannamker, Ben Carson, Ronald Reagan)

Listen to people who love America (Prager U, Dan Bongino, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingrahm, Bill O’Reilly,

Patriotic Resources (A’Beka, Bob Jones, FACE, Powerline Productions, Notgrass, Liberty Press,

Patriotic Songs (God Bless America, Star Spangled Banner, My Country “tis of Thee, God Bless the USA)

Movies (Patriot, Harriet, Midway, Cheaper by the Dozen, The Blind Side, Remember the Titans, Dave’s Barton’s American Heritage series, Dave’s Stott’s Drive Thru American History)

Cartoons (Learn Our History, This is America, Charlie Brown, Adventures in Odyssey)

Conservative Authors (Cal Thomas, Rush Limbaugh, Thomas Sowell, William F. Buckley, Rand Paul, Pat Buchanan, Robert Bork, Edmund Burke, Adam Smith, C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, George Will)

Historical Fiction/Living Books/Biographies (The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane, The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie, Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand, Gifted Hands by Ben Carson)

Conservative News Sources (Newsmax, One America News Network, CBN News, Town Hall, The American Conservative, Epic Times, Daily Caller)

Pointing out Inconsistencies


Listen to viewpoints of those who oppose the USA and discuss (Iran, Socialists, Mainstream Media, Academia, Critical Race Theory)

Where are they right?

Do they take it too far?

Where are they wrong?

Read Communist Manifesto—see how many times you can hear the book being quoted or ideas from the book being encouraged or esteemed

Go through Understanding the Times together or in a group

Make sure your teens understand the idea of living in a fallen world and the sin nature of man. There are no perfect people, ideas, or nations. All is flawed,  under the curse of sin.

Make sure your teens understand the redemption of Jesus. He saves, redeems, restores. The Word of God applies to all of life!

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Newspaper Reporting by Meredith Curtis Who Dun It? Murder Mystery Literature and Writing High School Class Worldview Understanding the Times by Meredith Curtis HIS Story of the 20th Century: High School Workbook by Meredith Curtis

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Remembering Pearl Harbor Day

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Pearl Harbor Day

Remembering Pearl Harbor Day and World War Two Sepia toned collage of Mustang planes, WWII tanks and soldiers graves.The attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941, has been seared on the heart of Americans. We remember because we cannot forget.

Early in the morning, the sleepy stillness of a tropical paradise was rudely interrupted. “Tora! Tora! Tora! (Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!)” Lieutenant Commander Mitsuo Fuchida, the lead bomber, commanded the other bombers at 7:53 in the morning, using the code-word for the Japanese Imperial Navy to begin their surprise attack over United States Army and Navy bases at Pearl Harbor.

Two minutes later, the U.S. Pacific Fleet was crippled. Ships lay at the bottom of the ocean. Planes were just smoking ruins. In two waves, from six different Japanese aircraft carriers, more than 300 planes attacked the American base with fighter planes, bombers, and torpedo planes. Four United States battleships were sunk and the other four were damaged. Other ships, subs, and planes were destroyed too. 4,000 Americans were killed or wounded.

Was the attack on Pearl Harbor a big surprise?

Well, it should not have been a surprise. Let me take you back in time.

A Power Shift

At the end of the 1800s, Japan was going through a huge shift. The shoguns were on their way out and the emperor’s power was increasing. Along with that, Japan was taking notice of what was going on over in Europe. After all, the Europeans were busy beavers in the Pacific with all kinds of colonies like French Indochina and Dutch Indonesia. Japan started thinking about colonizing sleepy little Korea.

When Prussia beat France in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, Japan saw Prussia as the one to imitate and became very militaristic. Even the emperor started dressing in military attire. In addition, Japan started moving in on Korea. China didn’t like it because China wanted to rule over Korea. They ended up going to war and Japan won in 1894! Her winnings were Port Arthur and Taiwan. She also got to kick China out of Korea. The Western world was not happy! They raised such a ruckus that Japan grudgingly gave Port Arthur back to China.

With China out of the way, Russia moved into Korea and started butting heads with Japan. This led to war and guess what? Japan won! Japan beat a European power! The world stood up and took notice! In 1910, Japan formally annexed Korea.

Making Deals

During World War I, Japan told England that she would fight Germany in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean, but if she won the war, she would get Germany’s territories. Japan extended its territory by taking over Germany’s colonial possessions in China and Oceania.

In 1927, Japanese military leaders secretly drew up the Tanaka Memorial, a blueprint for armed conquest of the Far East. The plan was to drive the Westerners out of the Pacific and have “Eight Corners of the World under One Roof.” Japanese young men were taught from an early age how to engage in battle and taught that it was their duty to die if necessary to help Japan fulfill its divine destiny of conquest. Starting in 1931, each graduate of the Japanese naval academy had to answer this question: “How would you carry out an attack against Pearl Harbor?” and Japan invaded Manchuria.

Japan started creeping over the Great Wall to conquer the rest of the nation in the mid-1930s. Ruthlessly, the Japanese soldiers pillaged, plundered, raped, looted, and murdered 100s of 1000s of Chinese, remembered as the Ningling Massacre. Those who survived were enslaved. Westerners were thrown into concentration camps and many died in those camps.

In 1940, Japan signed a treaty with Hitler and Mussolini; the Pact of Steel. The United States was not happy with Japan’s behavior and economic sanctions and trade embargoes. “Hit ‘em where it hurts,” leaders rationalized. However, Japan dug their heels in, refusing to retreat or surrender. By the time Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, she was already occupying Manchuria, China, Korea, Vietnam, and Formosa (Taiwan).

Japan’s Overall Plan

Early in the morning on December 7, 1941, Japanese bombers headed to other destinations in the Pacific like the Philippines, Wake Island, Guam, Midway, Guam, Shanghai, Malaya, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. Japan’s goal was to get Western nations out of Japan and occupy all of the Pacific as a mighty empire. At 8:10, the USS Arizona was bombed, sinking with more than 1,000 men trapped inside. The USS Utah was gone, too. The other 7 ships were badly damaged. Dry dock, airfields, planes were all damaged. It was almost impossible to take to the skies, to fight back. Though the battleships were destroyed, all of our Pacific Fleet’s aircraft carriers were away from base and praise God, storage depots, repair shops, shipyards, and submarine docks remained intact.

Did America lay down and take defeat and refuse to fight such a formidable foe? No way! As the United States President Franklin Roosevelt said:

“Yesterday, December 7, 1941—a day that will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan…The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian Islands has caused severe damage to American naval and military forces. Very many American lives have been lost. In addition, American ships have been torpedoed on the high seas between San Francisco and Honolulu.”

He asked Congress to declare war and added: “With confidence in our armed forces—with the unbounded determination of our people—we will gain the inevitable triumph—so help us, God!”

So Help Us God

To war, the United States went- facing a formidable foe. But, that determination paid off and though the first months of fighting were discouraging, the tide turned with the Battle of Midway. On December 7, we remember the devastation of Pearl Harbor, but that wasn’t the end of the story. On September 2, 1945, Japan surrendered to the Allies. World War II ended in victory!

Would you like to learn more about World War II and what Japan was like in the 20th Century? Check out the textbook, HIS Story of the 20th Century and to discover ways to teach 20th Century history the fun way with Teach 20th Century History the Fun Way. You can listen to my podcast: Life Lessons from 20th Century History: Pearl Harbor on December 2 at Finish Well Podcast.

Until Next Time,
Happy Homeschooling!
Meredith Curtis

Meredith Curtis, pastor’s wife, homeschooling mom of five amazing children, and grandmother to 3, loves Jesus, leads worship, homeschools, writes, mentors ladies, and sometimes even cooks dinner! She believes that all of life is a grand adventure with so much to learn and discover about Jesus. She is the author of Joyful and Successful Homeschooling, HIS Story of the 20th Century, Americana Newspaper Reporting, and God’s Girls Beauty Secrets, as well as Bible studies, unit studies, curriculum, and high school courses. Meredith wants to encourage Christian ladies and families to enjoy a joy-filled life filled with the Presence of God. Visit Meredith at Powerline Productions,, at the Finish Well Podcast, and on Facebook. Find out how to get 50% off unit studies like the one mentioned for a limited time as part of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale at the webstore. 

MBFLP – Celebrating The Fourth When You’re Worried About The Country

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MBFLP - Celebrating the Fourth When You are Worried

It’s been a dramatic – and troubling – week in the news. with controversies flowing from the very center of our governmental processes. We are seeing Christians in dismay, worried that our freedoms are under attack from the very people we expect to secure them. Yet there are reasons to hope, and yes, reasons to celebrate – in fact, especially when we’re worried about the country!

MBFLP – Christianity and Patriotism

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With the Independence Day holiday just on the horizon, do we have a Biblical understanding of our “dual citizenship” – where we enjoy a citizenship in the Kingdom of God, shared with all believers from all ages, but also an earthly citizenship in a particular time of history? Do we recognize the blessings of our earthly liberty and teach them to our children, but avoid the trap of creating a red-white-and-blue version of Christianity? Join us as we open these questions “live” from rural Pelahatchie, Mississippi!