Teach your Children about Phishing

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Teach Your Children About Phishing

107: Teach your Children about Phishing

Everyone with an email address and a phone is regularly affected by phishing attempts, and in this episode, I give some tips on how to teach your children about phishing.

My first suggestion is that when you receive a phishing attempt by email or phone, you show your children and talk about it with them.

You can also watch these videos with them:

Once your children have an idea what phishing is and how to spot it, test them (and yourself) with this quiz

Show sponsor FundaFunda Academy includes instruction on how to spot computer scams in their Computer Applications online class. This class is appropriate for 7th – 12th graders and worth 1 credit, but is great for middle schoolers so that they are prepared for high school.

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Teach Your Children About Phishing