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Create a homeschool mom podcast playlistHomeschooling is a rewarding but demanding journey, and every homeschool mom deserves a source of encouragement and inspiration. In the digital age, podcasts have emerged as powerful tools for personal growth and support. Let’s explore how you can effectively use podcasts to uplift and motivate yourself as a homeschool mom.

1. Discovering Relevant Content:

The first step in using podcasts for encouragement is to find content that resonates with your homeschooling journey. Seek out podcasts that discuss topics such as homeschooling tips, time management, dealing with challenges, and nurturing a positive homeschool environment.

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2. Create a Playlist for Every Mood:

As a homeschool mom, your emotions may fluctuate throughout the day. Create personalized playlists with podcast episodes catering to different moods. Whether you need a boost of energy in the morning or a calming voice in the evening, curate a playlist that suits your emotional needs.

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3. Utilize Commute and Chore Time:

Turn routine activities into opportunities for personal growth by listening to podcasts during your daily commute or household chores. These moments provide a valuable chance to absorb new ideas, gain insights, and foster a positive mindset without adding extra time to your schedule.

Redeeming Chore Time

4. Connect with Like-Minded Communities:

Many podcasts build communities around their content, providing a platform for homeschool moms to connect, share experiences, and support each other. Engage with these communities through social media or podcast-specific forums to build a network of like-minded individuals.

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5. Set Realistic Goals with Podcasting:

Instead of overwhelming yourself with a multitude of podcasts, set realistic goals. Choose a few favorite shows and commit to listening to them regularly. Consistency will help you establish a routine of self-care and encouragement through podcasting.

Much Loved Shows on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network

6. Turn Challenges into Learning Opportunities:

Homeschooling comes with its fair share of challenges. Find podcasts that address common struggles faced by homeschool moms and turn these challenges into learning opportunities. Hearing stories of triumph over adversity can inspire you to navigate your own obstacles with resilience.

Episodes That Inspire

7. Prioritize Personal Development:

In the midst of focusing on your children’s education, don’t forget about your own personal development. Look for podcasts that cover a range of topics beyond homeschooling – self-care, time management, goal-setting, and more. Investing in your personal growth will have a positive ripple effect on your homeschooling journey.

Learn Something New

8. Journaling and Reflection:

After listening to an impactful podcast episode, take a moment to journal your thoughts and reflections. This practice not only reinforces the lessons learned but also provides a space for self-discovery and growth. Share your reflections with fellow homeschool moms or keep them as a personal record of your journey.

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9. Encourage Family Listening Sessions:

Introduce podcast listening to your homeschool routine by incorporating family-friendly episodes. This not only provides educational content for your children but also fosters a shared experience. Discussing podcast topics together can strengthen family bonds and open up valuable conversations.

Family Favorites

10. Rotate Your Playlist:

Keep your podcast experience fresh by rotating your playlist regularly. Explore new shows, listen to different perspectives, and embrace the diversity of content available. Staying open to new ideas and approaches will enrich your homeschooling experience and keep you motivated.

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Podcasts Are the Way to Go

Podcasts have become a great resource for homeschool moms seeking encouragement and support. By intentionally integrating podcasts into your daily life, you can turn moments of solitude or routine tasks into opportunities for personal growth. As you embark on this journey of podcast-driven encouragement, may you find inspiration, wisdom, and a renewed sense of purpose in your role as a homeschool mom.

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Happy listening!

Podcasts for Kids of all Ages

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Podcasts for kids

82: Podcasts for Kids of All Ages

Sarah Miller-Snyder from is our guest to share with us her knowledge about podcasts for kids and teens. I met Sarah in my Facebook group, Homeschooling College-bound Teens. You are welcome to join us there too! And visit show sponsor FundaFunda Academy to see if any of their classes are good fits for your children. Many of them use podcasts occasionally in assignments!

Why should kids listen to podcasts?

Here are 5 reasons kids should listen to podcasts:

  • Fun and entertaining mode of obtaining educational content
  • Super convenient and accessible- any time, any place
  • A simple way to build optimal habits of using technology in a beneficial manner
  • Huge variety of topics- truly a podcast about anything and everything
  • Free- what do you have to lose?

How do you get your kids to listen to podcasts?

Here are 5 ways to get your kids to listen to podcasts:

  • Play them in the car (both for long car trips and just short trips to extracurricular activities)
  • Play them on your Alexa or Google Home device
  • Be creative about things to do while listening- coloring books, legos, unloading dishwasher, having a snack, doing a puzzle, taking dog for a walk, before bedtime, or even brushing teeth (more on that later)
  • Play them at bedtime- our favorite is Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls and Bedtime History
  • Pay them (not joking)- have you heard of people paying their teens to read self development books? I actually started paying my teens to listen to podcasts related to personal development and I have a separate blog post with my recommendations (

How do you find what to listen to when there are over 1,000,000 shows out there?

3 ways to find podcasts:

  • and do a keyword search
  • Check out Sarah’s weekly blog post with 7 educational podcast recommendations for elementary, and one for tweens and teens- try one a day and if you find a show you like, subscribe!
  • You can also become a member of Sarah’s private Facebook group where she provides a Podcast Pick of the Day for kids and one for adults.

Ideas for podcasts to try with your kids

Podcasts for Elementary-age kids

  • Family Road Trip Trivia Podcast
  • Kidnuz (5 minute daily news update for kids- I recommend playing each morning)
  • Chompers (twice a day stories while the littles brush their teeth)
  • Smash Boom Best (debate style fun topics like pizza vs tacos)
  • Tumble Science or Brains On Science
  • Best Day Yet – Positive Thinking for Kids
  • Eat More Spanish
  • Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Podcast
  • Magic Seed

Podcasts for Tweens and Teens

  • Planet Money – fun topics like The Cost of Donuts, The Power of Billboards
  • How I Built This With Guy Raz- how did things like Otterbox, Panera, Stitch-Fix develop?
  • Teen Life Coach
  • Stuff You Missed in History Class or History vs.- so many great history podcasts out there; do a keyword search if you are studying a particular time or event
  • The Daily Poem
  • iPhone Life Podcast
  • Spartan Up, Life Hacks- Spoken Edition, Ted Talks Daily and so many other personal development podcasts
  • Various Sports Mental Health Podcasts- our fave is Train Your Mind for Athletic Success (athletes) and Raising Young Athletes (parents)

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podcasts for kids