Stalemate Continues …

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History is being made as the stalemate continues! We are on the forefront with questions from our amazing live audience!

Moderator, Felice Gerwitz hosts this session with Professor Wilson. Professor Wilson begins with a recap of the events of our government stalemate as well as an explanation of political terminology students will hear in the media.

Handout here –> (04-CurrentIssues&Constitution_GovStalemateContinues)

Government shutdowns generally occur when two houses of Congress (or Congress and the president) cannot agree on a certain topic. These generally are budget related and happen right before a new fiscal  year or before the deadline. It means that all the federal programs and agencies will not have all fund to operate. In this case, it is between the Republican House and the Democrat Senate.

Each federal agency develops its own shutdown plan, following guidance released in previous shutdowns and coordinated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The plan identifies which government activities may not continue until appropriations are restored, requiring furloughs and the halting of many agency activities. However, “essential services” – many of which are related to public safety – continue to operate, with payments covering any obligations incurred only when appropriations are enacted.


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