Investigate the Mystery of Christmas

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Investigate the Mystery of Christmas

In “Investigate the Mystery of Christmas,” Episode, #126, Meredith Curtis calls you to put on your detective hat and solve a mystery with her! Meredith takes you on a tour of the Old Testament looking for clues that point to a spectacular event in Bethlehem! Are you ready to investigate the Mystery of Mysteries?



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Show Notes

Have you ever read a cozy mystery?

You match wits with a detective to figure out who did the dastardly deed?

There is a mystery in the Old Testament. It includes a dastardly deed in a Garden and a hero who makes a plan to save the day! He leaves clues throughout the centuries to raise the expectation level of those who need to be rescued.

The Snake Clue (Seed of a Woman)

Clue: Genesis 3:15

Mystery Revealed: Galatians 4:4

The Genealogy Clue (Descendant of Abraham)

Clue: Genesis 12:3

Mystery Revealed: Galatians 3:16

The Second Genealogy Clue (Tribe of Judah)

Clue: Genesis 49:10

Mystery Revealed: Matthew 1:1

The Descendant Clues (Descendant of David)

Clue: Psalm 132:11 & Jeremiah 23:5-6

Mystery Revealed: Romans 1:1-3

The Deity Clue (Son of God)

Clue: Proverbs 30:4

Mystery Revealed: Matthew 3:17

The Name Clues (Called Jehovah God)

Clue: Jeremiah 23:5-6 & Isaiah 9:6

Mystery Revealed: John 8:24 & John 8:58

The Miracle Birth Clue (Born of a Virgin)

Clue: Isaiah 7:14

Mystery Revealed: Luke 1:34-35

The Hometown Clue (Born in Bethlehem)

Clue: Micah 5:2

Mystery Revealed: Luke 2:4-6

The Ministry location Clue (Minister in Galilee)

Clue: Isaiah 9:1-2

Mystery Revealed: Matthew 4:13

The Miracles Clue (Jesus’ Miracles)

Clue: Isaiah 35:5-6

Mystery Revealed: John 11:47

The Resurrection Clue (Resurrection from the Dead)

Clue: Psalm 16:10

Mystery Revealed: Acts 13:35-37

The Gold Medal Victory Clue (Victory Over Death)

Clue: Isaiah 25:8

Mystery Revealed: Hebrew 2:14 & John 19:30

The Priest Clue (A Priest like Melchizedek)

Clue: Psalm 110:4

Mystery Revealed: Hebrews 5:5-6

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